Zoom Team Chat just got even better


New name and new features accelerate hybrid business collaboration

As companies experiment with different variations of working models, one thing is clear: hybrid working is here to stay. In a modern work environment, a team chat is the hub where work happens and forms the backbone of collaboration.

On Monday, Zoom is unveiling additional features and a new name for Zoom Team Chat (formerly known as Zoom Chat), the company’s collaboration hub that enables teams to communicate quickly and securely, both internally and externally. .

The hub that connects workflows

Chatting in Zoom is more than the in-meeting chat bubble at the bottom of the screen. Zoom Team Chat offers a powerful hub with chats and channels to connect workflows, keep projects on track, and stay in touch with the entire team and key stakeholders. Team Chat makes collaboration easier by bringing together persistent messaging, file sharing, third-party apps, video, voice, and whiteboard in a single app.

A seamless chat experience for team members and external contacts

From any Zoom Team Chat conversation, users can collaborate on a whiteboard, turn a discussion into a meeting or a phone call, or even share a recorded video message, all within the Zoom platform.

Zoom Team Chat isn’t just for communicating with employees in your organization. Team Chat provides a seamless and secure communication experience for external contacts including consultants, vendors, customers, etc. To help provide a secure experience, users will see a notice next to the “compose” box when external users are present in a channel, so they can be informed before sending a message.

Other ways to collaborate with Zoom Team Chat

Targeting the end of the month, Zoom Team Chat users should expect to see key new features, including:

  • Share in-meeting chat with team chat: Never lose links or key information shared in a meeting again when the host has the option to share the conversation with Team Chat enabled.
  • Schedule a Zoom meeting from chat or channel: Invite the right people and chat both ways with the ability to quickly schedule a meeting in any chat or channel.
  • Organize your working day with the “Reminders” function: Flag a chat message to be notified at a more convenient time, so you don’t miss messages that pop up when you’re busy.
  • Respond via chat to an incoming meeting: When ad-hoc meeting invitations occur, users will now have the option to quickly send a message to the person inviting them to let them know they are busy or will call back.
  • Third-party integrations: Apps on Zoom Team Chat to streamline your workflow.
  • Access Zoom team chat anywhere: The new Team Chat for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) provides access to Team Chat directly from a browser, so users can collaborate outside of meetings with chat, even if the Zoom client is not not available.

And stay tuned for more new features to be announced at Zoomtopia.

New visual representation of the Zoom platform

Zoom Team Chat features prominently in Zoom’s brand new look, which will also launch on Monday. As part of the brand enhancement, Zoom is updating its brand colors, typography, product icons and launching a global campaign by introducing a new visual element that represents Zoom’s unified platform.

Zoom’s well-known logo will remain the same, but in a recently unveiled visual at the center of the campaign, Zoom replaced the Os in its name with icons to communicate that Zoom is the only platform where the connection happens. The new Zoom Team Chat icon is positioned first in the visual to demonstrate its role as the hub that connects all workflows.


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