Young Indian Artist Hired as Director of Photography by World’s Largest Online Menswear Company in America


New York, NY, USA – Akshat Bagla, 23, has taken on the prestigious job of director of photography at Differio, America’s preeminent menswear retailer and the world’s largest gay online store.

Founder and CEO of Differio, renowned American entrepreneur Jimmy Chrabieh, honored by Forbes as the next American business leader to watch, invited Akshat Bagla, a native of Kolkata and a graduate with honors from the famous school of visual arts in New York , to work together.

Hailed “the ultimate millennial camera lens”, Bagla is one of India’s most sought-after young international photographers. A self-taught camera prodigy who began his artistic career at the age of 14, Bagla’s talent was spotted by Fortune 500 company Indus Net Technologies – an eagle-eyed executive saw Bagla’s photos in online and hired the brilliant teenager on the spot to revamp the company’s visual online presence. One success leading to another, Bagla has won acclaim for transforming the online appearance or shaking up the old-school visual marketing approach of dozens of top companies including Enterr10, Century Plyboards India and A1 Future.

After moving to the United States to study at the prestigious School of Visual Arts, Bagla continued to create stunning imagery focused on film fashion and food photography and quickly became an acknowledged master of photographic rebranding.

“I am happy and honored that through my work, Indian photography is gaining further international exposure,” Bagla says. “As a visual artist, I rely on our traditional affinity for colors. In fact, I totally agree with what the great, late Raghubir Singh wrote in his aptly titled book River of Color: “The fundamental condition of India…is the cycle of rebirth, in which color is not only an essential element but also a deep inner source.”

Bagla’s work for Differio — a pioneering, internationally successful, multimillion-dollar gay men’s clothing retailer headquartered in New York City — includes establishing the company’s visual style and imagery. For the brilliant young Indian photographer, fostering the culture of inclusiveness and tolerance in the world is the life mission intrinsically linked to his exceptional art.


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