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A police force in northern England is trying to deter children from cheating or curing this Halloween because of Covid-19.

South Yorkshire Police (SYP) produced a poster residents can print and put in their windows saying “No trick or caterer,” with an image of a silhouetted pumpkin crossed out as a no-entry sign.

A poster for residents to put up to deter deceivers or healers. Photograph: South Yorkshire Police

The force said, “This year our communities will celebrate Halloween and Bonfire Night differently; organized events have been canceled due to Covid-19 and tips or treatments are discouraged. “

He added: “Just put the poster in your window or on your door and those attending the festivities will know you don’t want to be disturbed.”

The poster has been widely mocked on social media, with users claiming that anyone posting it “might as well print a sign that reads ‘Please egg this house'”.

Police forces across the country have implemented various campaigns around Halloween and Bonfire Night this year, which are designed to keep communities safe – although some may see them as a killjoy.

The SYP is called Dark Nights and the force has appointed a “Dark Nights Silver Commander,” Ch Insp Lee Carlson, who told residents, “Your neighborhood teams will be on the move in the evenings throughout this. period, working hard to make sure everyone can have a safe and enjoyable time.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) called their campaign Bang out of order, which warns that fires, fireworks and telephone hoaxes are “out of order” and will not be tolerated this Halloween and bonfire season.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Services have dealt with 4,241 deliberate fires and responded to 358 telephone hoaxes over the past three years during what they call ‘the bonfire season’ (September 1 through November 10). There were 75 attacks on its firefighters during the same period, with teams being abused and bombarded with stones and fireworks.

South Wales Police said they would once again support Op Bang, a campaign to help communities enjoy the festivities safely, while asking them to remember that “Halloween and Bonfire Night are not fun for everyone “.


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