wow! Forget iPhone 13, iPhone 14, just discover iPhone Air!


Moving on to the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14, there’s a new prototype iPhone in town called iPhone Air. Learn about the design concept of the iPhone.

As Apple fans cling to their iPhone 13 and others wait for the iPhone 14 launch date, there is some exciting news surrounding a concept art iPhone design and there is called iPhone Air! These concept images are based on rumors that Apple may launch a foldable iPhone in the future. Now, designer Antonio De Rosa has shared some concept images of what a foldable iPhone prototype would actually look like. And the pictures are absolutely stunning. The images highlight a sky blue iPhone that folds horizontally in half and becomes super portable. Note that these are concept designs, which means they are in no way affiliated with Apple’s iPhone, but amidst all these rumors of a foldable iPhone, this sheds more light on what it might look like. a real iPhone with this technology.

Rumors have spoken of Apple’s foldable iPhone called “iPhone Flip”. MacRumors reported that according to analyst Ross Young, who is a reliable Apple ecosystem prognosticator, the company could introduce a foldable iPhone in 2023 or 2024. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo even shed some light on the details, claiming that the iPhone Flip will have a huge 8-inch display, even beating the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. Front Page Tech YouTube channel host Jon Prosser even claims that Apple is testing two different versions of the Foldable iPhone – one, which folds vertically and another which folds horizontally, in a clamshell fashion. And it looks like Apple is leaning towards the clamshell design. With so many rumors in place, you need to check out these iPhone Air concept designs – they’re absolutely brilliant!

iPhone13? iPhone14? No, it’s the iPhone Air

Imagine carrying an iPhone that can slip into the smallest of jeans and the tiniest of handbags without damaging the screen or compromising its build quality. Although the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 can’t do that, according to designer Antonio De Rosa, that imagination could soon become a reality. He posted a series of images that show exactly what the new iPhone could look like. These are concept designs, which means they’re not really affiliated with Apple’s iPhone, but amidst all these rumors for a foldable smartphone, it sheds more light on what a real iPhone could look like with this technology. .

Calling her concept design iPhone Air, Rosa flaunts a slim iPhone chassis with sleek edges and a clamshell folding style that folds in half horizontally to take on a square shape. This little iPhone design could also be very similar to what Apple is also working on.

The iPhone Air photos show a Sky Blue colored handset with a glossy finish and thin bezels. It also has a rear screen in its triple rear camera panel that can show notifications, accept calls and more. The OLED display screen will also be completely waterproof as it will go portless. Concept images take iPhone design to the next level with its technological innovations. We can only hope that future iPhone models after iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 can give us similar stylistic pleasure.

While these concept images are stunning, at this time Apple has not announced any such technology for its new iPhones. But this prototype iPhone gives a visual element to the rumors we’ve been hearing for so long.


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