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While detailing his history with new MSNBC primetime host Alex Wagner on Tuesday, Keith Olbermann opened up to MSNBC morning joe host Joe Scarborough with some of the harshest reviews imaginable on his Countdown with Keith Olbermann podcast.

“MSNBC’s entire morning of programming features – and is led with an iron fist by – one of the worst human beings I have ever met,” Olbermann said. “The man who, every day in 2015 and early 2016, tried to weave Donald Trump into the MSNBC audience and only stopped when he realized Trump wasn’t going to offer him the vice- presidency, ‘Joey Scars’ himself, Joe Scarborough.”

Olbermann’s sentiment came after detailing his desire for Alex Wagner, whose new MSNBC show Alex Wagner Tonight debuts tonight, to be a guest host on his MSNBC version of Countdown in the late 2000s, but in his eyes, his lack of work ethic doomed his candidacy.

“Me, with the last executive producer of the MSNBC version of CountdownRichard Stockwell, have all seen Alex Wagner from Daily Politics with The Huffington Post on, I’m pretty sure, Hardball with Chris Matthews. As we say, big TV heads, she jumped. I jumped off the screen. In many ways, much like Maddow did, before and after all the geniuses at MSNBC who claimed her success now fired her in 2006. Alex Wagner was well-spoken, smart, informed, and vivacious, and you can teach any of these things but you can’t teach them all to the same person.

Olbermann then noted that there was only one problem with Wagner. Much like Rachel Maddow, Wagner struggled to read the teleprompter. But unlike Maddow, Wagner, according to Olbermann, was unwilling to work to solve the problem.

“When Stockwell and I came up with the idea that Alex Wagner might be the next big guest host for Countdown and maybe one day, like the others (Maddow and O’Donnell) host his own MSNBC show spin-off from ours, we invited her for an audition and a meeting. Stockwell handled the audition and he came back to me that night, discouraged. It wasn’t just that Alex Wagner couldn’t read the teleprompter , Stockwell told her “I told her we could teach her the teleprompter”. She could become as good as Maddow in 30 minutes but she said how hard could it be? I can pick it up. Whatever. ‘Anyway, I have to go to a dinner.’ Well, I didn’t hear that. That’s what Stockwell told me. I doubt he had the imagination to make it up.

“We talked to our folks about Countdown and other MSNBC shows that had produced his segments and the same message came up time after time. “A nice person, very intelligent, who sends it by post.” “

Olbermann went on to highlight the number of shows and career stops Wagner has had in the past 12 years since his Countdown audition, while saying that while it may not look like it, he wishes success in his new role.


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