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((Family Features) A ​​home design that blends multiple elements seamlessly can be both inviting and visually interesting. If you plan to upgrade your living space in 2022, consider incorporating materials like stone and wood. brick, which bring color, texture and functionality while complementing some of this year’s top design trends.

Settling on a design aesthetic is the first step in most home improvement projects, but it can be a challenge for many homeowners. If you need inspiration for a project on the horizon, consider these 2022 trends from the design experts at Glen-Gery:

Warm colors
Look for a shift to warmer colors like tan, tan, caramel, cocoa, and even black. Designers are shifting from cool grays to a warmer coffee-inspired palette. Using warmer colors on structural elements of a home, such as brick, stone, siding, doors and shutters, provides visual warmth while making a statement.

Textures and patterns
Textures and patterns are popping up in many trending designs. Texture can enhance the overall impression of a space by providing depth and complexity that draws the visitor into the room. Using texture in a design element, such as stone or brick, can provide visual interest and engage the mind with a tactile response that encourages interaction with the environment.

Outdoor inspiration
Nature inspires an array of design elements this year. You can see this trend emerging through an increased use of glass for light and views of nature, as well as a continued focus on mixed-use and transitional indoor-outdoor spaces that grew in popularity during the height of the pandemic. Approaches can vary depending on the homeowner’s style and climate, but examples include larger brick and stone patios, as well as more functional private patios and porches. Another aspect of this trend is the tendency for homeowners to integrate indoor amenities such as kitchens, fireplaces, furniture and electronics into their outdoor spaces.

Clean lines
This season, designers are creating inviting, comfortable and serene spaces with a modern vibe through the use of clean lines in design, materials and furnishings. A trick is incorporate elements that transfer light or give the illusion of lighting from a higher glow, such as glass block. The interplay of light and shadow simultaneously blends inspiration from nature with clean lines and dramatic focal points to evoke a sense of balanced calm and strength. This approach can also be brought to life through ceiling windows, furniture, and the use of stone, brick, and wood on walls or accents.

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Bring trendy design into your home
Brick is a versatile design material that fits virtually any design trend. From handmade bricks to glazed bricks and just about everything in between, you can find building products in a diverse range of colors, textures, and sizes to emphasize focal points and capture your target design aesthetic.

Brick carries a sense of tradition, character and timelessness while being a popular choice for homeowners due to its design flexibility. With benchmark qualities such as low maintenance, resilience, durability, durability and beauty, brick can help homeowners balance function with appearance.

When shopping for brick, consider a quality, reputable option like Glen-Gery, which offers an extensive line of over 600 brick and stone products offering nearly endless design possibilities and timeless beauty. The Brickmaker’s collections feature an assortment of traditional and modern products as well as unique international items from around the world that evoke beauty, elegance and creativity.

Start your design planning with a virtual design tool like Picture Perfect that helps you visualize projects for your home while experimenting with different building products to achieve the perfect look.

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