Toyota Audio Multimedia will expand to the entire range within 3 to 4 years


Toyota plans to expand its new built home Multimedia infotainment system which debuts this year in the 2022 Tundra within three to four years, according to Steve Basra, COO of Toyota Connected North America.

Toyota Motor Corp. takes a similar approach with its new Lexus interface, which debuted this year on the 2022 NX crossover.

Toyota and Lexus infotainment systems are cloud-based and can be upgraded using live updates. In an Oct. 26 briefing with reporters, Basra and Toyota Connected CEO Zack Hicks said the subsidiary was continuing to work on a range of services to bring the systems to consumers, potentially including remote refueling. – in which a tanker would fill up with gasoline. -motorized vehicle where it is parked instead of having to go to a gas station – as well as services already offered, such as remote start.

Hicks said the company and its engineers are also exploring the use of sensors inside the vehicle that would be able to detect the presence of a heartbeat and monitor the internal temperature of the cabin, which could alert the driver. or even open windows automatically if the temperature rises. at dangerous levels.

“We can make customers’ lives better, safer, and even surprisingly more convenient,” Hicks said. “It’s really about creating personalized customer experiences in the vehicle. We can improve the experience of mobile devices, but we can also do things that mobile devices cannot and give you very vehicle-specific experiences. “

Basra said engineers at Toyota Connected are working on other new services with infotainment systems and associated phone apps, including a parking lot locator that will tell customers what level of a multi-story garage they are at. are parked, and a hybrid coach to improve fuel-saving technology. He also said Toyota Connected was working with Mazda and another unidentified automaker to improve their infotainment systems and after-sales service offerings.


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