Things That Happen In Every Saw Movie


In a world where Jigsaw’s message is so contagious that he manages to rack up at least six apprentices and two impersonators over the course of the series (Hoffman technically counts as both), it’s not unreasonable that the various protagonists of the series distrust each other. . This suspicion often turns out to be true, because in every “Saw” movie, someone turns out to have some sort of secret agenda. In the first film, Dr. Gordon discovers that his captive companion, Adam (Leigh Whannell), had previously spied on him for Detective Tapp. In “Saw II”, returning victim Amanda is revealed to be one of Jigsaw’s disciples, helping to run the game from the inside. “Saw III” features Amanda’s growing instability, culminating in the revelation that Jigsaw has in fact been testing her all along.

“Saw IV” correctly introduces Detective Hoffman, who initially appears to be a captive, but has in fact taken over the operation from Jigsaw. His duplicity within the police force attracts the attention of Special Agent Strahm (Scott Patterson), and in “Saw V”, the two play a game of cat and mouse, leading Hoffman to frame Strahm of his actions. This backfires in “Saw VI”, where Strahm’s partner (Athena Karkanis) is revealed to be on Hoffman as well. Even after eliminating them all, Hoffman still finds himself battling Dr. Gordon, who is also a secret accomplice. Between these and the killer revealed in “Jigsaw” and “Spiral” (the two sidekicks posing as law enforcement), there’s more than enough betrayal for everyone.


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