The Painted Cup of Tea, a pottery painting workshop in Frisco, is the girls night out you’ve been waiting for


Or: 2522 Stonebrook Pwky # 825, Frisco, TX 75034

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As you step into The Painted Teacup, your eyes are greeted with delicious surprises all around, from the floor to the 32-foot ceilings. This is not your typical pottery painting shop; it’s a whimsical world of creativity and imagination!

Unleash the artist in you (with a friend or two!) At the Painted Teacup in Frisco | Image courtesy of The Painted Teacup on Facebook

A beautiful mix of passion and good timing, The Painted Teacup opened its doors two years ago at 2522 Stonebrook Parkway in West Frisco. Owner Caymen Hewitt developed the fun concept with her sister and mother, all three longtime artists and painters.

“Painting ceramics has been a passion for me for a long time,” explains Caymen. “I started to ask myself, ‘How do I make this a day job? That, combined with a tough car accident a few years ago, made me live life to the fullest and go for it. “

Close-knit women entrepreneurs designed the business to foster both creativity and connection. Whether it’s a planned group event or an impromptu date night, The Painted Teacup aspires to be a fun outing for artists and non-artists alike.

Every corner of the studio offers something of visual interest. Many of the objects on the walls were painted by Caymen or another member of his family, while other objects around the space are heirlooms.

“There are a lot of special things hidden in the studio,” Caymen said. “Even my regulars will say, ‘Oh, I’m seeing this for the first time!’ It’s something that has been there the entire time, but there is so much to see when you step into space. And it is done with intention. We want your eyes to go everywhere and give you a lot of inspiration!

Caymen’s father is British and she spent many summers in England as a child. To that end, you’ll find plenty of nods to British culture around the studio, including ceramic teacups and saucers waiting to be spruced up by a brush.

So how does it work? Upon arrival, you select a piece of pottery from a wide selection of items ranging from coffee mugs and vases, to animal figures and decorative plates. A member of the studio team will provide you with everything you need to get started.

Create Your Own Souvenir At The Painted Teacup At Frisco | Image courtesy of The Painted Teacup on Facebook

The price will vary depending on the pottery you choose, but Caymen says painters spend around $ 30 on average. There are no additional studio or baking fees, and your glazed pottery will be ready to be picked up a week after your visit.

In the beginning, the experience included a hot cup of tea for their clients to enjoy while painting (it’s pink!). Sadly, COVID-19 has put a damper on this element, but you’ll still find adorable teapots placed around the studio to give you a British feel.

We need to talk about the chairs. Not the ones you will be sitting in, but rather the old ones hanging on the wall. “My family collected the chairs from flea markets, real estate sales, things like that,” Caymen said. “Everyone has their own particular story. They are memorable and are another source of inspiration for our painters.

Grab a brush and a snack at the Painted Teacup in Frisco | Image courtesy of The Painted Teacup on Facebook

And of course, in a place like this, you need an Instagram-worthy photoshoot. Here is the eye-catching umbrella attached to the wall, with colorful paint cans pouring “rain” on it. Named “My Thunder Paint Storm,” Caymen’s vision was for guests to stand under the umbrella to get out of the paint storm.

“I’ll never forget when I took a perfectly good umbrella and cut it in half to bring the project to life. The process took about five days as I had to wait until each paint color I put on it was completely dry before I could do the next one or the colors would blend together. The project did stain the concrete on the front of the Studio a bit, but I love it. There are little footprints everywhere and marks where I have walked it. It was very fun.”

In 2020, with the start of home orders, take-out kits were released to keep the painted teacup afloat, and “Boy, did this work?” “ Caymen said. Although the doors are now wide open, the kits have proven to be very popular and therefore remain an option for customers who prefer them.

“Many customers say they like to turn off their laptops, put on their pajamas, and just take their time with them. Insomnia at midnight? Paint for a while. Stop by the Studio to select a room and I’ll send you home with paint and brushes.

Shoppers can expect Christmas items to grace the shelves this season. “We’re celebrating Christmas really strong here, it’s a lot of fun,” Caymen said.

The holidays are also very important here. For adults or children, the imagination has no limit! They have prepared packages for you, but customizations are welcome; it’s just another way to be creative!

The Painted Teacup in Frisco also offers birthday parties | Image courtesy of The Painted Teacup on Facebook

Whether you choose to show up without an appointment or reserve a table, the painted tea cup is THE PLACE to let creativity reign! The studio is BYOB (whoop, whoop!), And they invite you to bring food as well. Grab your favorite take-out, pack a small cooler with drinks, and sit back to create your masterpiece.

The Painted Teacup is proud to be a family business owned by women and is grateful to have found strong support at Frisco. They offer artists a space to shine and aspiring artists a place to discover talents they may not have yet realized!


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