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NEW YORK, NY/ACCESSWIRE/January 13, 2022/ Founded by an entrepreneur Christophe Pinilla MendietaSWM Group is taking the world of entertainment and promotion by storm. Through SWM, Christopher Pinilla Mendieta was able to spread his unique skills in multimedia branding and marketing to new markets across the United States. Leveraging his connections in the entertainment and events industry, Christopher Pinilla Mendieta transforms small businesses into household names through a unique blend of physical and digital marketing strategies. Whether they’re printing custom loot or hosting events for thousands of people, the SWM Group is about to take your brand and product to the next level.

At a recent event in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC, SWM Group managed the entire branding and event promotion package for the famous “Bachata Brunch” party. In an effort to “unite people through music and dance,” Christopher Pinilla Mendieta and his brand hosted Halloween dance parties, football game celebrations and brand launches across the city. Christopher Pinilla Mendieta’s deep industry connections allow him to score, organize and launch promotional events in record time. The commotion that Christopher Pinilla Mendieta brings to SWM Group events is largely inspired by his experience as an immigrant-entrepreneur in the nation’s capital:

Not Christophe Pinilla Mendieta, “I arrived in this country at eleven years old after everything was taken away from me and my family who remained in Bolivia. My mother arrived with a lot of work experience, but was forced to work in restaurants, to clean houses and any other opportunity that was presented to him. I became obsessed with providing a better life for both of us. So in my teens I started knocking on doors and promoting events all over town, before moving on to working with professional artists and big brands like Boost Mobile.All I ever wanted to do was help my mom because she had been through so much. I made a lot of mistakes becoming an entrepreneur, but I always pushed it all the way. My goal is not just to have followers, but to create leaders. I want to make a difference in others and show that no matter how many obstacles you can do it !”

As a leader of SWM Group, Christopher Pinilla Mendieta has shown time and time again how hard work can lead to success. Christopher Pinilla Mendieta and his company went through many ups and downs on their way to the top, but his blend of entrepreneurial talent and innate drive always got them to the other side. Today, Christopher Pinilla Mendieta is looking to expand his company’s operations outside of DC, serving brands and individuals on the East Coast. From Bachata Brunch to billion dollar brands, Christopher Pinilla Mendieta and SWM Group are here to promote, organize and launch a non-stop promotional powerhouse for brands of all sizes.

you can book Christophe Pinilla Mendieta and SWM Group for your next event at www.swmgroupllc.com

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