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The Toronto-based Solutions Research Group (SRG) has found that newcomers to Canada are what it calls “advanced users” of mobile phones and are much more likely to use them for almost any activity than the general population. general.

The group’s primary source of media is its mobile phone in terms of time spent on a daily basis. Newcomers rank above the general population for the likelihood of using them for messaging (75% do so daily, vs. 65% of the Canadian average), phone calls, or video calls (28% vs. 16% daily), social media, online banking (37% vs. 22% daily) and video streaming (40% vs. 36% daily). After cellphones, the second area in terms of daily time spent is the Internet via tablets and PCs, followed by television and radio. Print media are the least popular among new Canadians.

Among the specific applications, Whatsapp is the most used messaging application by newcomers; 84% use it daily. Chinese newcomers also use the Chinese “super-app”, WeChat, with 60% on the app daily. 41% more use the similar application Weibo on a daily basis. Google, Facebook and YouTube are the main web destinations. Most (86%) of newcomers to Canada have used YouTube in the past month, while 46% have used Netflix in the past month (22% have used Amazon Prime Video).

Many also prefer to use apps available in their native language, like the Chinese video streamer Youku, TFC.TV for Filipinos, and Horstar for newcomers from South Asia.

Even though television is less popular among newcomers, these groups still consume linear media. CBC and Omni are among the best for Chinese newcomers, while CBC and Sony TV lead among South Asian newcomers. For radio, Virgin-branded radio stations in Toronto and Vancouver are the most popular.

New Canadians are also avid sports enthusiasts, but are less likely to engage in Canada’s “official” sports of hockey and lacrosse. Swimming is the most popular practice among newcomer children, followed by basketball, badminton, cricket and soccer.

SRG conducted its research with 600 newcomers during the first quarter of 2019. Newcomers are defined by SRG as those who arrived between 2013 and 2018, and respondents were from China, South Asia and the Philippines and resided in Toronto or Vancouver.

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