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The front pages of Thursday’s newspapers are dominated by the deaths of 27 migrants in the English Channel, with coverage shifting from grim reports to accusations that French authorities did not do enough to prevent the tragedy.

The Times’ The main headline reads “Dozens of Migrants Drown in Channel Canoe Tragedy” and features a photograph of migrants preparing to launch a boat from France on Wednesday.

An editorial on the disaster calls for more cooperation between the UK and France to try to stop a repeat. “Without intensive cross-border cooperation to combat smuggling gangs, little can stem the flow of dangerous crossings and prevent more deaths,” he said.

The Guardian The headline on the front page, which was printed before the total death toll was revised down to 27, reads: “Tragedy at sea kills 31 in deadliest day of crisis. refugees ”with a photo of a woman arriving on Dungeness beach in Kent with a small child in her arms.

It reports that a record 25,700 people attempted the crossing this year, three times the total for all of 2020, according to official figures.

The FT Also carries the previous figure in its headline with a similar angle to that of the Guardian noting the worst day so far in the migrant crisis. “More than 30 migrants are drowning in the worst disaster of the Channel wave,” he said.

The Telegraph says “31 migrants die in Channel disaster” and reports Boris Johnson has told the French government he must “step up” to prevent small boats from leaving its shores for the UK.

Other titles are more explicit by reporting the denunciation by No. 10 of the government of Emmanuel Macron.

The Mail uses what he says are the Prime Minister’s words to the French President as the front page headline – “You let the gangs get away with murder” – under the slogan “Tragedy in the Channel”.

The Express takes a slightly different interpretation of Johnson’s words with “PM: Smugglers Get Off With Murder.”

The from the sun The headline reads: “Ashamed” and asks “Now will the leaders finally act? To stop the flood of boats making the perilous crossing.

The Mirror qualifies these deaths as a “human drama” which occurred “under the noses of the French cops”.

The I alludes to the wider causes of the disaster in its main title ‘Horror in the Channel: 31 Die in Search of a Better Life’, while the Metro asks “Why didn’t France stop them?”

The main story of the Metro begins with “A French police patrol watches refugees leave for England but does nothing…”.


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