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An industrial factory announces its intention to reopen in Selma. The city welcomes another new business. And

Auburn professors are leading a project that will bring more tourism to Selma. This and more in this week

edition of the Selma Sun Spotlight, featuring Selma and Dallas County. I am Cindy Fisher,

editor of the Selma Sun. And I’m Todd Prater, editor for the Selma Sun. Here are those of this week

Best Stories:


It will be a good year for 70 workers in Dallas County. A silicon metal production plant

reopens its Selma plant in January and will hire 70 employees to get started. World

Metallurgical is investing nearly $ 6 million to reopen the Old Montgomery Road plant which

closed in 2018 and they got tax breaks to return. Globe will have an oven running at

first and plans to expand to operate two ovens when it has to hire 100 people. Selma

Dallas County EDA Executive Director Wayne Vardaman has been joined by city and county

Globe officials to make official announcement at ceremony Wednesday

on 15. Vardaman said 150 local suppliers would also be affected.


Research by Auburn University professors could make land south of Edmund Pettus

Bridge more of a tourist destination than ever. Professors Richard Burt and Keith Herbert

studied the “site of conflict” where the demonstrators were beaten and gassed by the police

marching for the right to vote in the March 1965 Bloody Sunday March. On Monday, they told the

Selma Rotary Club as land south of the bridge in the grass area between US 80 and A

Service road should be recognized as a historic site because this is where much of the conflict

took place – after the bridge. It is currently privately owned. Professors are also working on

identify the walkers that day by showing the photographs they have collected. You can see these photos on

their Facebook page titled “Help Us Identify the Selma Bloody Sunday Foot Soldiers”


Another new business has opened in Selma. T Mobile has opened a new office on Highway 14 near Wal-

Mart during a ribbon cutting on December 10. Regional manager Reyna Woody said the company had

focused on introducing 5G technology to rural markets. Store Manager Shaun Smith said T

Mobile will cause some ripples in the home Internet market here. Homologation Judge Jimmy

Nunn welcomed the new business to Dallas County. He said that competition is always good for the

consumer. Before, you had to go to Montgomery or Prattville to do business with …

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