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May 11, 2015 2:25 p.m. (UTC + 04:00)

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By Nigar Orujova

Today, thanks to mobile technology, it is enough to invest one million euros to reach 10 million users, whereas in 2000, 10 million euros were necessary to generate one million users.

This is what Heiko Scherer, a developer of products and systems for film and television, electronic media and advertising, said during the European Newspaper Congress which kicked off in Vienna on May 4.

The event, which attracted more than 500 media professionals from 35 countries to discuss the latest developments in the industry, is supported by the company “Japan Tabacco International”.

“Mobile technology makes it possible to do what has not yet been done, so digital printing is the most popular today,” said Scherer.

He said the main problem with established news houses today is the state of IT processes in the editorial office and production. “In short: a crisis in content management systems. The responsible issues are more the old infrastructure than the development of new content because they fundamentally prevent new innovations. New successful newsrooms like “Business Insider” or “Buzzfeed” have their own powerful system, there is a big technological advantage in competing for articles.

Often, innovative and flexible developments are stifled by the expensive and relatively slow enterprise technologies of the 2000s or even the 90s, he added. The most important question is “how to achieve constant improvement of systems (” Constant Beta “) and how to fill it with life in the organization?

He spoke about the demands of the mobile Internet and modern solutions that allow management and publishers to focus entirely on content development.

According to leading experts from The New York Times, who spent six months studying the evolution of the media sector, the print version remains the main source of income today, rather than the Internet version.

Meanwhile, while in 2011 most visitors read a newspaper through a website, in 2013 the advantage was mobile technologies. This, in the newspaper’s opinion, is normal, as the future of media lies in gadgets and mobile solutions.

Founder of the European Newspaper Congress, Johann Oberauer told AzerNews at the conference that the media market has struggled to exist in recent years.

“If 10-20 years ago newspapers were in the doldrums, now they have become more enterprising and prone to generate new ideas, mainly related to mobile technologies,” he said. Commenting on the future of print and digital media, Oberauer said he didn’t envision them separately from each other.

“The sustainable development of the media is only possible in their combination, and I believe that the discussions within the framework of this event will help to find an effective solution,” he said, noting that newspapers will not be as profitable than 20 years ago.

According to him, they will be able to maintain its financial stability at the optimum average level. Such events allow media organizations to define their strategy for future developments. Congress concludes its work on May 5.

On the first day of the event, the best publications were nominated in various categories: The Mayo News – in the category the local newspaper of the year, Tubantia – in the category of the regional newspaper of the year, Publico – the best regional newspaper above.

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