Newhouse Alumnus Wins One of Five Student Work Prizes in the Montreux Competition Golden Award


Each year, the Switzerland-based Golden Award of Montreux competition features five advertising student winners from around the world. Sam Luo ’21, a Newhouse creative advertising alumnus, is the only gold medal winner from an advertising school in the United States. He won the print/poster sub-category for his ‘McDelivery’ print advertising campaign, created while he was a student at Newhouse.

“No one from Newhouse has won this before, and the show is dominated by art and portfolio schools,” Luo says. “To see my campaign win out of the top five winning nominations from around the world and represent both Newhouse and the United States is absolutely amazing.”

The global competition celebrates students’ creative and innovative work in the categories of film, print/poster, design, digital/social and media use. According to the contest’s website, the contest honors “the creation of excellent publicity” that reflects how “communication is part of the global world of creativity.”

Luo is grateful to his two creative advertising teachers, Mel White and Kevin O’Neill, for helping him become a stronger art director during his time at Newhouse. “They work so tirelessly to teach and empower students like me to create the best work possible, and it has paid off,” he says.

Appreciation and admiration go both ways, as White says Luo has consistently impressed her with the work he has created.

The award-winning McDelivery series created by Sam Luo ’21

“Sam was one of those rare students who is constantly creative,” White says. “He was creative nonstop throughout semesters, school vacations, between semesters, and during the summers. He lived, ate and breathed creative advertising. He is naturally curious and works hard to create the most outstanding campaigns possible. He treated his Portfolio classes as moments of growth and pushed himself to create solutions to advertising problems that are innovative and award-winning. He volunteered for any creative opportunity that presented itself. And he’s very good at listening to feedback and using it to push his ideas even further. It’s one of the secrets to creating great advertising, and one that Sam has mastered. He’s also the most awarded student we’ve ever had.

O’Neill says he agrees with White’s feelings about Luo. “At the risk of ruining Sam with praise, he really is a unique talent for us at Newhouse,” says O’Neill. “He is an explosive combination of visual imagination and tireless dedication to his craft. It was a privilege to see him pass through our classrooms.

This story was written by Samantha Savery.


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