Netflix ‘Entergalactic’ Movie Review – A Visual Feast With A Cliché Story


Entergalactic is a splendid watch that shows us how two ambitious artists fall in love in New York City. This Netflix movie offers us something different. It has a cliched romantic plot, but it presented the film very differently than it looks like a new watch. This ninety-two minute animated film tells the story of a young man named Jabari who moves into his apartment in New York and finds love in his neighbor, Meadow. Jabari, who didn’t want to commit to any kind of relationship, couldn’t help but fall in love, and he ended up struggling to maintain a balance between his dreams and his new relationship. The movie is centered around the love story, but there were some other elements that kept the movie from being an average watch.

The movie’s animations look nothing less than real. New York is presented in charming colors of pink and orange and makes the film a visual treat. Characters evolve as they succeed in their careers. It cannot therefore be said that the film focuses only on the love story itself. Music plays a very important and charming role in the film. Most of the scenes are accompanied by cool music, which makes the movie charming.

The movie was originally supposed to be a series, but it ended up being a movie. But it has the characteristics of a television show because the scenes are divided into several chapters. Each chapter even has a separate title, making it look like a real TV series.

It has no remarkable history. But what makes the film exceptional is the way it was presented to us. The story feels new and something we have never encountered before because of its visual effects. The plot is quite simple and nothing complicated. The secondary characters in the movie give us a certain flavor to the story and add a whole to the fun element of this movie.

It’s one of those movies that should be watched for its visual presence and the kind of vibe it conveys to its viewers. The movie doesn’t offer anything special, story-wise, but it still can’t be called an average watch. The amazing music, animation, and characters make up for anything the movie lacks. This film is therefore an excellent choice for mature audiences who want to watch something new and different.

Final score – [8/10]
Reviewed by – Poornima Balsu
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