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WASHINGTON, July 21. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Shyft Group (NASDAQ:SHYF) introduces the Blue Arc Power Cube™, a fully portable remote-controlled charging station with integrated energy storage to meet a variety of commercial vehicle and utility fleet needs. other end uses. The Power Cube and a second Blue Arc product, an all-electric, last-mile delivery van, will be featured today in an educational showcase on Capitol Hill for representatives from the U.S. Congress and federal executive departments and agencies involved in the development of a domestic market for electric vehicles.

As the United States reimagines its energy future and a new electrified ecosystem takes shape, one of the most important transportation sectors to consider is commercial vehicle fleets. As early adopters, fleets and fleet managers can accelerate the transition to electric vehicles for other sectors by partnering with automakers who are developing innovative solutions for the country’s infrastructure charging needs.

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Michigan-headquartered Shyft Group, which has served commercial vehicle fleets for nearly 50 years, is helping to drive this acceleration.

“We are at a critical time to decide where and how electric vehicle infrastructure is built,” said U.S. Representative Debbie Dingell. “This innovation addresses a major barrier to the growth of the electric vehicle fleet in the United States and is an impressive step forward in making electric vehicles more accessible. I’m proud to see a Michigan-based company leading the way in expanding electric vehicle infrastructure, and I look forward to continuing to work in Congress alongside industry partners and other stakeholders. key to bringing us closer to a zero-emission vehicle future while creating good jobs here at home and advancing America’s competitiveness on the world stage.

“The transport industry must take action and reduce its carbon footprint – which is why creating a better, more sustainable and inclusive future is a core value of the Shyft Group,” said Chairman and CEO Daryl Adams. “Investing in infrastructure innovation is one of the ways we can truly create a smart and responsible approach to fueling the promise of electric vehicles.”

Understanding that the lack of EV infrastructure is one of the barriers to adoption, the Power Cube offers a unique solution: a mobile, customizable, commercial-grade EV charger that doesn’t need to be connected to the grid. Its fast and flexible deployment model is customizable, offering different configurations to meet unique customer needs. It carries 3MW of onboard power and its Tier 2 and Fast-DC charging capabilities can get vehicles up and running in 1-2 hours. The Power Cube is also supplemented with wind and solar power, including panels to track the sun for maximum exposure and charging, to ensure continued service despite power grid outages.

“It’s important for us to create the necessary infrastructure that will help us move away from reliance on fossil fuels,” said Eric Fisher, senior vice president and general manager of Shyft Innovations, the company’s research and development arm. company that developed Blue Arc. “By rethinking the infrastructure lifecycle – leveraging a portable and flexible microgrid that requires no digging or trenching for a permanent underground connection – we can advance the network of fleet charging solutions. “

The Power Cube provides clean, responsible energy when and where it’s needed. When the job is done or it is desired to move the charging station to another location, it is picked up and moved – an ideal solution for fleet managers who rent out their facilities and cannot pursue permanent renovations. This portability also creates possibilities for adaptability to other end uses.

Consider the case of a natural disaster, where grid power may be lost over a large geographical area and electricity is needed for rescue and damage control operations. Potential applications also exist for campgrounds, roadside assistance and the military, where portable charging stations can charge drones, ground vehicles and communications equipment.

The Blue Arc product ecosystem includes a commercial-grade electric vehicle chassis and the Blue Arc delivery van, a 100% battery-powered Class 3 electric commercial delivery vehicle designed for the latest high-frequency delivery fleets. kilometer. With a high degree of configurability, the all-electric chassis is adaptable to last-mile delivery, work trucks, mass transit, recreational vehicles and other emerging electric vehicle markets.

Media welcome
Members of the media are invited to attend today’s showcase on Capitol Hill. The event will begin at 11:30 a.m. ET near the west facade of the United States Capitol at Pennsylvania Ave NW and Peace Circle NW. Shyft Group CEO Daryl Adams will discuss the role of fleets in developing the electrified ecosystem and the need for innovative solutions to meet the nation’s infrastructure charging needs. Shyft will also provide an educational overview and demonstration of the Blue Arc Power Cube product and all-electric last mile delivery van.

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The Shyft Group is the North American leader in the manufacture, assembly and upfitting of specialty vehicles for the commercial vehicle, retail and service markets. Our customers include first to last mile delivery companies across vocations, federal, state and local government entities; trades; and the utilities and infrastructure segments. The Shyft Group is organized into two main business units: Shyft Fleet Vehicles & Services™ and Shyft Specialty Vehicles™. Today, its family of brands includes Blue Arc™ EV Solutions, Utilimaster®Royal Truck Body™, DuraMag®Magnum®, Strobes-R-Us™, Spartan RV Chassis™, Builtmore Contract Manufacturing™ and corresponding aftermarket provisions. The Shyft Group and its marketing brands are well known in their respective industries for quality, durability and innovation in the marketplace. The company employs approximately 3,800 employees and contractors on its campuses and operates facilities in Michigan, Indiana, Maine, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Florida, Missouri, California, Arizona, Texas and Saltillo, Mexico. The company had revenue of $992 million in 2021. Learn more about The Shyft Group at


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