Mick Foley blames DDP for tacks in wrestling


No matter how much we love wrestling, it can often be difficult to understand exactly how much something hurts. Most fans will never take a bump in a real ring, and hopefully none of us ever get kicked out of Hell in a Cell with nothing but a announce table to cushion our fall. . Speaking of which, something we all know hurt was a business element that we assume most likely introduced by Mick Foley.

Bedbugs in the fight

If you haven’t already guessed, this element is thumbtacks. We may never know how bad it hurts to be slammed on the mat, but just about everyone knows how bad it hurts to step on or kneel on a thumbtack. That’s why, when poured during a game, you can almost hear the collective inspiration of everyone watching around the world.


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The thing is, Foley isn’t the only one responsible for introducing tacks to wrestling. Well, not technically. Humanity itself revealed to Dr. Beau Hightower that we have to blame DDP for the bugs in the fight. “DDP was the first man to introduce tacks into professional wrestling. He didn’t struggle with them, he nailed the blinds to the wall in our $30 motel rooms,” Foley revealed.

From a motel room to the ring

The reason DDP was doing this weird practice was because he couldn’t sleep unless the room was completely dark. A blessing in disguise for Foley and anyone DDP shared a room with at the time, as the alum known as Cactus Jack also revealed that Diamond Dallas Page also insisted on sleeping naked, even when Foley and Steve Austin asked him not to.

As for how the thumbtacks made the transition from the curtains of DDP to the Ring, that remains a mystery. It’s possible Foley was lying there in complete darkness one night alongside a naked DDP and it occurred to him that coming across a pile of thumbtacks in one of his matches would give quite the visual. Thumbtacks have since become synonymous with the wrestling industry, and it will always be one of the toughest bumps to watch.

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