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Marie Claire may have ended its regular print run to focus on digital, but it’s not completely disappearing from newsstands.

Its new owner, UK-based and publicly traded Future plc., Told WWD it will still publish two issues per year, in May and September, the latter being the most crucial month of the year. for magazine publishers looking to grab ads. dollars.

“We’ve gone to twice a year with printing,” said Jason Webby, Future’s director of revenue in North America. “But we’re mostly digital with the brand and that comes from a lot of research into the demographics we’re looking to connect with and who we’re connecting with. They absolutely want to consume this content in a digital format. Our social footprint is really strong with Marie Claire. Our e-newsletters are very strong and growing.

Future, who also owns Marie Claire UK, Woman & Home, GoodToKnow and, acquired Marie Claire US in July from Hearst Magazines and Marie Claire Album for an undisclosed sum and wasted no time in terminating its regular draw. But even before the sale, Hearst quietly reduced the title’s print frequency from 11 issues to just seven in 2020 and launched its first digital issue with Janet Mock cover.

Shortly after Future acquired Marie Claire, he acquired UK-based Dennis Publishing, whose titles include The Week and Minecraft World in a deal valued at $ 300 million, and others. acquisitions are being considered.

“As we are a public company, I cannot speak specifically of objectives, but I know that the strategy that our CEO [Zillah Byng-Thorne] has put in place is both to grow organically and to grow through acquisitions where it makes sense to us, ”added Webby.

As to whether it could be in female lifestyle media, he said, “I know the category itself is important to us and we intend to be a major dominant player so this does it mean we’re going to grow very organically in that area of ​​space or add more titles, I would say either of those strategies is probably the one we would consider.

Future’s revenue grew 79% in the year ending September to reach £ 607million thanks to the increase in digital advertising and e-commerce, while profit before tax was 107.8 million pounds.


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