Local media could raise $ 1.7 billion in help build better


Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise, the second House Republican, echoed this criticism on Twitter: “It’s Biden and Dems in Congress helping pay the salaries of the journalists who cover them.”

The tax credit would be an unusual example of federal aid to news organizations, but this is not entirely new. Mr. Waldman noted that the Postal Act of 1792 granted many newspapers lower postage rates.

The paycheck protection program, introduced during the coronavirus pandemic, was another example of the federal government’s attempt to reach out to news organizations, and it allayed the qualms of some news editors to accept the federal aid. In the past two years, media across the country have received millions of dollars in forgivable loans under the program.

“Now that sounds like a very different conversation, where there’s a lot more willingness to be supported,” said Damian Radcliffe, professor in the School of Journalism and Communications at the University of Oregon.

In one study, he found widespread opposition to the idea of ​​government journalism grants only a few years ago. “I don’t think we would have this conversation without the impact of Covid and the role that has played in accelerating the challenges the industry has faced,” said Mr Radcliffe.

The Local News Publishers Tax Credit made its first appearance, as one of the three main elements, in the Local Journalism Sustainability Act, which was submitted to Congress in 2020. The draft Biparty law was reintroduced this year by its co-authors, Representatives Ann Kirkpatrick. , Arizona Democrat, and Dan Newhouse, Washington Republican.

After the law on the sustainability of local journalism blocked, the tax provision was broken and incorporated into the $ 2.2 trillion package. No House Republican voted in favor of the legislation, a bill which Rep. Lee Zeldin of New York, one of the Republicans who had supported the Local Journalism Sustainability Act, called a “monstrosity.”

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