How to Steal Shonda Rhimes’ Bridgerton-Inspired House Style


The sets of “Bridgerton” from the Regency period are very often magnificent, combining historical precision and freshness of design. Shonda Rhime’s apartment is no different, with a slew of opulent features, including gold, gilt and intricately carved furniture, according to Architectural Digest. Rooms in Rhimes’ flat tend towards a maximalist look, incorporating historic glamor that reflects Bridgerton’s British high-society settings and nature-inspired elements like rose-lined garden paths and tree-covered promenades. trees. Here, you’ll find everything from gilded mirrors to an orange tree, reminiscent of Aubrey Hall’s famous Orangery.

Consider adding gold and gilt touches to even the most modern rooms in the form of mirrors and accents, including picture frames, vases and lamps. A beautiful chandelier dripping with crystals or jeweled wall sconces is another option to immediately elevate a space. Look for furniture, like Rhimes’ oft-used writing desk, antiques or replicas with gracefully turned legs, intricate carvings and old-world hardware. To add height to rooms with low ceilings, consider hanging a set of beautiful curtains slightly higher than your window to give a floor-to-ceiling effect that matches “Bridgerton” grandeur.


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