How to share files, documents and media between Android smartphones using Nearby Sharing


Google announced the Apple Airdrop alternative Share Nearby in 2020 and the feature is now available on all Android devices running Android 6.0 or higher. This means that almost all Android smartphone users can now share files, documents, photos, etc. with each other via Nearby Sharing.

What is Nearby Sharing?
Nearby Sharing is an instant sharing tool that allows users to share files, documents, and media content with other devices. The service relies on Wi-Fi, mobile hotspot, and Bluetooth connectivity to transfer files. It’s basically Google’s answer to Apple Airdrop.

Devices that support Nearby Sharing
As mentioned, the feature is now available on all Android devices running Android 6 or above. This includes smartphones, tablets and television.

What you need to use Nearby Sharing
To be able to use the Nearby Share feature, all you need is another Android device with the Nearby feature enabled. That’s it.

How to use Nearby Sharing to share files, documents, and other media
The process of using Nearby Share is the same on all Android devices, regardless of the OEM custom UI.

Enable nearby sharing
Swipe down twice from the top to open quick toggles and find Nearby share option. Tap it to activate it.

Set up nearby sharing
Long press the Nearby Share toggle button or head to the setting and make sure the visibility is set to Everyone or contacts. But note that if you choose Contacts, only the person saved in your contact will be able to send files.

Steps to follow:
Navigate to the file you want to share and press the Share button. Now tap on Nearby Share option. Then wait for the other device to appear in the list. Then press it. Accept on another device to receive the file.



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