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Posted by Amazon Games less than a year ago, New world had a somewhat rocky launch. This MMORPG experienced several delays during its development, and the closed beta phase resulted in controversial hardware issues reported by owners of Nvidia graphics cards. Luckily, despite the early setbacks, Amazon Games managed to turn the tide and the game gradually climbed the Steam charts.

Like other titles of the genre, New world features limited-time content, and with Spring Break underway, players can now enjoy a new Easter event in Aeternum. Seasonal events are a great way to break up the monotony of MMO gameplay, providing something else to do outside of scavenging for experience and materials. Events are great for introducing exciting new leads and rewards that become valuable with their limited availability. New worldThe Easter event has something in store for veterans and new players alike, placing no restrictions on participation but still requiring a bit of patience from players.

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Revenge and Rewards of the New World Rabbits

Screenshot showing a player looting the Hare's Tainted Storage Chest in the New World.

Rabbits’ Revenge is underway New world seasonal Easter event, which will be live for two weeks. From April 12 through April 25, players can show off their hunting skills across Aeternum in pursuit of Corrupted Rabbits and their tidings. Although there is no limit to the number of hares players can kill in a single day, the reward cesspool only allows a certain amount of unique loot to be looted.

To locate the strange corrupt rabbits plaguing the land, players can seek help from the interactive map of the outside world. Selecting “Rabbits” under the “Monsters” filter is the easiest way to get an overview of all possible spawn locations. However, players who prefer to explore on their own can find the creatures in just about any area that would normally have regular rabbit spawns.

In terms of rewards, players can expect to receive a set amount of event-exclusive loot per day. Up to three Diamond Gypsum items and five Tainted Rabbit Feet can be looted from downed Corrupted Rabbits, the latter increasing the user’s luck by 5% for 40 minutes. Besides these consumables, a very rare storage expansion is available for lucky players who are willing to face the vagaries of RNG with patience. Since the Hare’s Legendary Soiled Storage Chest is a household item that increases storage capacity by 1,050 pounds, it’s limited to one per player.

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Tips for Hunting Corrupt Rabbits

Screenshot of the hare's stained storage chest on display, as seen in New World.

Rabbits’ Revenge is well worth the time and possible frustration thanks to the great rewards available at no additional cost. While Diamond Gypsum and Defiled Rabbit’s Foot are easy to obtain and will come in handy during the event, hundreds of Downed Rabbits might be needed to unlock the Hare’s Defiled Storage Chest. The loot bag containing the chest is hard to miss, as it’s quite large and spawns next to the hare’s lifeless body.

Because the appearance of this mythic loot is tied to RNG, players can increase the chance of having the storage chest defiled by equipping items that increase their chance. Weapons, armor, and jewelry with luck stats will provide indirect assistance while hunting, although they cannot guarantee that players will find the item any faster. Although the game doesn’t keep track of kills, butchering rabbits for game meat is one of the most effective ways for players to have a frame of reference and keep track of their progress.

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For those looking to get extra ingredients while participating in the event, Southern Reekwater is a great place to explore. Although the area has a sparse hare population, checking the radar will help players locate Corrupted Rabbits that yield event rewards alongside the Sumptuous Rabbit, an ingredient needed to make Seasoned Vegetable Roast Rabbit. Additionally, growing herbaceous plants in the area will provide players with tarragon, another crucial element that will add an aromatic note to this dish.

Otherwise, Great Cleave or Rabbit Island in Restless Shore are other viable hunting grounds, provided players access them when not heavily contested. Teaming up with friends in a given area can also be beneficial as loot is shared and will make the tedious process of acquiring the Hare’s Tainted Storage Chest much easier and more enjoyable. With a little RNG luck and a lot of patience, the Tainted Storage Chest and its intriguing visual effect of corruption will hopefully decorate the player’s house sooner rather than later.

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