How Dead Space Remake retains the fear factor


EA’s motives Dead Space Remake finally received an official release date, and while fans will have to wait another 8 months or so, the game seems to be looking very good. EA Motive chooses to constantly emphasize Dead Space Remakeof the development process of, showing footage at almost every stage of the game’s build cycle. So far, this has been a very good move for the developer, as the hype around the game has continued to build and will continue to do so until the game is released in January 2023.


As EA Motive changes the original dead space in some pretty significant ways the developer has been extremely clear about wanting to keep the essence of the original experience completely intact, the jump scares and all. And based on the footage fans have seen so far, it looks like the Dead Space Remake is sure to be just as terrifying, if not more so, than the original.

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Bringing the Horror of Dead Space to the Modern Age

In 2008, dead space used the Havok engine to create its intense physics-based horrors. In 2023, the Dead Space Remake will use EA’s powerful Frostbite engine to bring a whole new layer of horror to Isaac Clarke’s sci-fi nightmare. Based on the gameplay demos released so far, the Dead Space Remake seems to be pushing the Frostbite engine to its max, focusing on the technical elements that really made the original game stand out.

the Dead Space RemakeLighting is the perfect example. In the original version dead space, the dark hallways, lit only by dull orange lights, gave the game an extremely unique visual flair, and gave the experience an immediately tense atmosphere. Throughout the original game, lighting is used to good effect to scare the player and increase the tension of the sequence.

Based on the trailers already shown, the Dead Space Remake triple on this iconic element. Shadows are now more dynamic than ever and lighting is exceptionally realistic, cast from in-game light sources in an incredibly natural way. Pairing this realistic lighting with the game’s vastly improved visuals, the Dead Space Remake looks like it’s going to take the tense atmosphere of its source material and push it even further.

How Dead Space Remake’s ALIVE System Emphasizes Horror

With dark but beautiful new visuals, the Dead Space Remake also introduces an all-new audio system. Called the “ALIVE” system, standing for “Adrenaline, Limbic System Response, Intelligent Dialogue, Vitals, and Exertions”, this complex form of audio design combines several key technical features to create a realistic and cohesive experience.

Essentially, the ALIVE system dictates how Isaac sounds, depending on certain situations and contexts. For example, when Isaac opens a door or climbs over obstacles, his heart rate will increase, which will make him more exasperated. When Isaac comes face to face with the horrific Necromorphs, his adrenaline surges, causing his voice to become cracked and desperate.

This will likely go a long way in keeping the player immersed in the Dead Space RemakeThe horror sequences, as Isaac gasps right next to the player as they both tentatively crawl through the abandoned hallways of Ishimura. Combining this realistic and complex audio system with the game’s modern graphics will no doubt help retain the fear and horror of the original. dead space live.

dead space will be released on January 27, 2023 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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