“GYB!!” Shine Post Multimedia Project Anime Music Video Released


the shine post The multimedia idol project released an anime music video for the song “GYB!!” speak HY: RAIN idol unit.

The music video staff includes Hiroyuki Takashima (Symphogear XV co-action director) as director and storyboarder, Yuusuke Souen (shine post “Be your light!!” co-writer, Symphogear XV animation director) as chief animation director, Naomi Nakano (shine post “Be Your Light!!”) as a color designer, Jun Kubota (Purora! Pride of Orange) as director of photography, and Miyake Masakazu (Tribe Nine) as artistic director. Kai Studio is the animation production company.

Meanwhile, the voice cast of HY:RAIN includes Yuu Serizawa like Ren Kurogane, Kurumi Takase like Aoba Karabayashi, Miyu Kubota like Itoha Karabayashi, Tomoyo Takayanagi like Nanoka Hiumi, and Arisa Kouri like Yarawa Naekawa.

the shine post The project includes an upcoming mobile game, a light novel series, live events, and an upcoming anime. The light novels published by Dengeki Bunko, written by Rakuda and illustrated by buriki, follows idol unit TiNgS and their demotivated manager. The anime’s website describes HY:RAIN as a rival unit to TiNgS.

the shine post the anime is set to release in July 2022 in Japan.

Source: shine post Youtube channel


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