Government failure stories told by the global media: Sherry


ISLAMABAD: Criticizing the government for rising inflation, PPP Vice President Senator Sherry Rehman on Thursday said the country was run by an incompetent government and stories of its failures were being told by the media international.

“It is not surprising that Pakistan was ranked 4th out of 43 countries by The Economist for the highest inflation rate which was 9% in September,” she said, adding that the government must understanding that blaming others for inaction to hide their own incompetence is not policy, what people need is relief, not press conferences. “77% of people think the government is taking the economy in the wrong direction, according to an IPSOS poll. It is shameful that ministers are advising people to eat less bread and stop eating sugar to reduce inflation, ”she said.

She said food inflation has entered an uncontrolled upward spiral, staple food grains being imported, putting pressure on foreign exchange reserves. “Inflation is likely to rise even more as oil prices, food import bills and the devaluation of the rupee are all on the rise. Staple foods like wheat, ghee and sugar have become unaffordable, ”she added.

Highlighting the historic devaluation of the rupee, she said the government has failed to control inflation, unemployment and debt. “It seems they are working hard to prove Fitch’s prediction that the dollar will hit Rs 180 in 2022,” she said, adding that the government was ruthless in its indifference to the average Pakistani. With unprecedented unemployment, poverty, inflation and unsustainable gasoline, gas prices, how people are supposed to afford two meals a day.


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