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An expert in near-to-the-eye displays, the team behind GOOVIS is committed to producing superior quality products. This commitment extends to HMD GOOVIS, where “quality” is the main principle of the product. Preventing myopia, dizziness or eye damage, the HMD features an ultra high definition screen – 2 x 0.71 “Sony AMOLED micro-display, with only 1.5% distortion, a resolution of 1920 x 1080 x 2 and a PPI 3147. The device guarantees the highest clarity with a 42 PPD (pixel per degree), which is 100% higher to many other VR devices on the market.

Equipped with the company’s optical technology which supports 300 degrees for hyperopia and 800 degrees for myopia, the HMD allows users to easily adjust the device to enjoy a clear 3D stereoscopic viewing experience without glasses and with less eye strain. The diopter adjustment range can be individually adjusted for the left or right eye with independent controls. Plus, the device itself is lightweight (just 200g), comfortable to wear, and highly portable, making it a better choice for clear, high-quality XR multimedia experiences at home or on the go.

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Dr. Huajun Peng, Founder and CEO of NED Optics, began his journey to improve the way people consume media after graduating from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2005. His work spans from television color management and AMOLED production to the design and manufacture of microchips, projectors and near field optics. Although the company in the startup scene calls him an entrepreneur, Dr. Peng prefers the term “scientific researcher” because he believes that technology is the key feature of the company’s success.

Addressing the future of this industry, Dr Peng said, “I think clarity will be the most important aspect of development in this space. Clarity essentially allows us to feel immersed in everything we experience and therefore is essential for the future of the entire Extended Reality (XR) industry. ”

While visually the GOOVIS HMD looks comparable to other HMDs on the market, it is an XR headset that supports other VR, AR, and MR technologies. Its built-in Android system is able to connect to traditional entertainment modules such as TVs, computers, game consoles, tablets and drones via cable and Bluetooth. The device can also connect to Wi-Fi and has a remote control that provides 2D or 3D cinema viewing experience anytime, anywhere.

“People are always looking for a better viewing experience; this is a major trend. Thanks to their properties and functionality, ultra-high definition headsets like GOOVIS HMD will eventually find their way into millions of homes, such as computers, televisions and cell phones. This is also our goal. ”Dr Peng said.

GOOVIS, which stands for Good Vision, is a brand of NED Optics, a leading technical company in the field of XR Head-Mounted (HMD) displays. GOOVIS products can be used for viewing movies and videos, playing games and can also be applied in industrial fields, such as simulated military training, remote control of autonomous vehicles, surgical training systems, prevention and control of myopia, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) with First Person View (FPV), live broadcast on 5G network and other professional fields.

GOOVIS has found its way to satisfy customers in 60 countries and regions, including Europe, America, Japan and Australia. GOOVIS won the German iF Design Award in 2018, the Good Design Award in Japan in 2018, and the Chinese Red Star Award in 2020.

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