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After a few final adjustments, the full body-shaped 3D printed bucket seat is now available as part of Porsche Tequipment’s new performance parts offering. The seat is suitable for various Boxster, Cayman and 911 models. From February 2022 it can also be ordered as standard from Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur and it will also be integrated into the Porsche configurator at this point. In addition to its unique look, the new central section of the seat is its main innovation: parts of the cushion and backrest surfaces are produced using a 3D printer and are available in three different degrees of stiffness, which means the seat can be customized to fit the specific needs of the customer.

A select group of Porsche drivers have thoroughly tested the new 3D printed full bucket seat at various events, including the Manthey-Racing Nordschleife Trackdays 20/21. The pilot phase generated a lot of valuable customer feedback.

“Seats suitable for individual drivers have long been available in professional motorsport. Porsche now also offers road-approved customization with different levels of stiffness as standard, ”explains Porsche test driver Lars Kern. “In the first test drives I was impressed with the ergonomics: the slightly lower seat position and improved thigh support are similar to what you get from a seat in a race car. Passive ventilation is also impressive. Compared to conventional full bucket seats, the new seat is also over eight percent lighter.

Full Body Shaped Bucket Seat 3D Printed in Mission R

The new Porsche Mission R, which just celebrated its world premiere at the IAA Mobility Motor Show, also features a full 3D printed bucket seat. This concept study of a fully electric GT racing vehicle embodies Porsche’s vision for what customer motorsport could look like in the future.

The full 3D printed bucket seat is available for all Porsche models offered with the conventional seat (order number Q1K or P11). The seat can also be retrofitted in vehicles already delivered, and some models can even be fitted with the passenger side seat. The assembly process only takes a few minutes at a Porsche center. The price per seat is 2,677.50 euros. Availability details are shown below:

Full 3D printed Porsche bucket seat now available

Innovative manufacturing process

The 3D printed full bucket seat is based on Porsche’s lightweight full bucket seat and features a sandwich construction: the expanded polypropylene (EPP) base support is bonded to a breathable comfort layer made of a blend of materials to polyurethane base manufactured using manufacturing additives, that is, using a 3D printer. The components are clipped together. This innovative assembly technology means that the seat generates no emissions associated with adhesives.

The outer skin of the seat is in Race-Tex. This non-slip material offers a lot of support in the seat and the unique perforated surface allows for better passive ventilation.

Window panels show exposed color sections of the 3D printed trellis structure and give the full bucket seat a unique design. Initially, customers can choose between Black, Guards Red, and Racing Yellow for these design elements. In February, Arctic Gray, Ultramarine and Shark Blue will be added to the color range. Porsche is planning another customization in the medium term: 3D printed molded bucket seats tailored to each customer’s body contours.

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