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People want their news on their phones, but many publishers struggle to deliver a bunch of websites and mobile apps that users really love. Meanwhile, mobile advertising is currently making a lot less money than advertising on the web, which is already a fraction of what print was making to publishers. Basically, modern editing is difficult.

But Mike McCue’s Flipboard is already making a big difference in the industry by helping publications succeed on mobile. Its popular native mobile apps allow users to read beautifully presented stories on their favorite sites, then sell ads on those sites and share the earnings with publishers. He recently launched a way for anyone to build their own magazines, which saw a record 53 million registered users today – check out TechCrunch’s weekly edition here for a good example.

I’ll talk with McCue about his plans for the company, where he sees media on mobile, and how his past experiences as an entrepreneur have shaped his current job.

McCue joins our growing list of Disrupt NY speakers which currently includes eBay CEO John Donahoe, Palantir co-founder Joe Lonsdale, lead investor Fred Wilson, and more will be announced in the weeks leading up to Disrupt NY. Tickets are currently available here.

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47024v4-max-250x250Mike mccue
CEO and Co-Founder, Flipboard

Longtime Silicon Valley entrepreneur Mike McCue founded Flipboard in early 2010, along with former Apple iPhone engineer Evan Doll. Together, they set out to create a global service that would allow people to make all of their news, photos and videos from all social networks accessible from one place.

In July 2010, they launched Flipboard for iPad, a social magazine that brings people the most informative, entertaining and amazing stories from around the world and from their everyday lives. At each turn, people can learn about stories and events that take place thousands of miles away or at home; see the great moments of life in one place; and be inspired by what others share. Today, Flipboard works on iPad, iPhone and Android.

In 1999 Mike founded Tellme Networks, one of the world’s largest internet networks for voice communication. He successfully led the integration of the company’s technology into Microsoft’s infrastructure following its acquisition. Microsoft bought Tellme in 2007 for $ 800 million.

Prior to founding Tellme, Mike worked at Netscape as Vice President of Technology. He joined Netscape after the successful acquisition of the first company he founded, Paper Software, a leader in 3D browser technology. Mike received an International Kilby Award as a Young Innovator for his work bringing 3-D technology to the world through the Netscape web browser.

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