EOS and Hyperganic partner to develop space propulsion components

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EOS has entered into an exclusive partnership with Hyperganic, a company that aims to accelerate engineering innovation through its software platform that creates parts, structures and entire machines through computer algorithms and AI, to advance the field of space propulsion.

“As a constant innovator and trailblazer, we are now partnering with Hyperganic to usher in another paradigm shift in AM. It is a design shift that expands solution spaces as well as performance levels. At the same time, it will revolutionize the AM design process, making AM a truly digital workflow, from software-generated algorithmic engineering to digital manufacturing,” said Dr. Hans J. Langer, Founder of EOS.

“We are delighted to partner with EOS on this first industry collaboration. Algorithmic engineering translates ideas into designs in minutes, with the engineer defining the rules and the computer generating the results. Specifically, the field of space propulsion, which still uses very conservative designs, will greatly benefit from algorithmic engineering,” said Lin Kayser, CEO of Hyperganic.

For centuries, humans used drawing boards to translate ideas to paper before CAD systems changed that. Yet even small design changes still require painstaking renovation work. Since each iteration costs time and money, CAD-based approaches force engineers to design conservatively instead of pushing boundaries. At the same time, design freedom has always been one of the guiding principles of AM, enabling part structures and applications that cannot be manufactured using traditional production processes. The partnership between EOS and Hyperganic now takes this approach to the next level.

The aerospike rocket engine, designed by Hyperganic and manufactured by EOS and AMCM

A radical example is the aerospike rocket engine designed by Hyperganic and manufactured by EOS and AMCM, an EOS GROUP company. The aerospike engine, conventionally considered a huge engineering and manufacturing challenge, was built from the ground up using an algorithmic model by Hyperganic. In just a few days, one of hundreds of designs produced by Hyperganic was printed on the EOS M 400-4. The very complex part was printed without any supports using the new EOS NickelAlloy IN718 process.

Therefore, the aerospike motor was automatically redesigned for production on a significantly larger AMCM M 4K system from AMCM in EOS CopperAlloy CuCrZr. Combining this level of design complexity with the ability to reliably print in this size will drive the next innovations in space propulsion.


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