Emotn C1 released: a new multimedia projector under $ 200


Emotn C1 LCD projector

Fashionable Emotn C1 Home Projector

Emotn C1 home projector for young people

Emotn C1 back

Emotn C1 back

Emotn C1 projector

Emotn C1 projector

Emotn Projector Buying Guide

Emotn Projector Buying Guide

Emotn recently released an affordable LCD projector, Emotn C1, at $ 179, positioned as the mid-to-high-end multimedia projector.

BUFFALO, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Emotion projector recently released a new multimedia LCD projector, Emotn C1, cheaply priced at $ 179, which is acceptable for users who are on a budget while looking for high quality.

Emotn is a young and energetic innovator specializing in projectors, TV boxes and Android TV apps. As the first projector released, Emotn C1 positions itself in the affordable mid-to-high-end LCD multimedia projector under $ 200.

Innovative appearance

Emotn C1 projector has a bold and recognizable design in appearance. The top of Emotn C1 adopts the “roof” shape design, and the body material is white polymer material, which is wrapped from top to bottom. A groove is carved in the middle of the tray for remote controls and cell phones. On one side of the groove are the keys and on the other side are the focus gears. The groove at the top and the non-slip pad at the bottom are made of juvenile neon yellow silicone. Both sides are gray honeycomb cooling holes. Overall, the collision of gray, white and fluorescent yellow colors makes the projector design more fashionable and youthful.

Stable remote control signal

As for the remote control, it uses an infrared link, the signal of which is more stable. The texture of the remote is also pleasant to the skin, and there are simply thirteen buttons on the controller that you can control completely blindly when you know the position of each button.

Various connection ports

EmotnC1 has multifunctional and rich external interface, including VAG × 1, USB × 2, HDMI × 2, AV × 1, Aux 3.5mm × 1, SD / TF × 1, AC × 1. Whether connected to a mobile phone, computer, speakerphone or USB stick, Emotn C1 can be easily implemented to meet various usage scenarios.

The HDMI interface is suitable for streaming media devices including Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast. The USB port can also power streaming media players such as TV sticks and cell phones. With these streaming media devices, you can easily play your tens of thousands of favorite channels and apps including Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Prime Video, Disney +, Apple TV, and HBO Max.

Wired and wireless screen mirroring

Emotn C1 supports wired and wireless mirroring screens. In the wired mirroring screen, just connect the phone’s data cable, and the signal is more stable. The wireless mirror screen can be directly connected to the Emotn C1 projector without wifi. Compared to other projectors, the routing process is eliminated resulting in lower latency, faster screen response and more stable signal.

Clear and quality image

With 8,500 lumens, high contrast of 5,500: 1 and native resolution of 720, the Emotn C1 multimedia projector delivers colorful and detailed images indoors and outdoors, making images clearer. In addition, the Emotn C1 uses LCD display technology and LED light sources to provide users with high definition image quality and stable light sources. And it can reach 50-120 inch screen size, and supports manual vertical correction to enlarge the small screen of the phone within seconds.

Built-in bluetooth speaker

Emotn C1 has a built-in 5W speaker, so there is no need to have an external speaker. The sound quality performance is stable and has no sound distortion. In addition, the Emotn C1 projector can also be used as a bluetooth speaker. After entering bluetooth speaker mode, the optical device will automatically turn off and the internal heat sink will also stop working so that the hearing will not be affected.

Eye protection and safe for children

The Emotn projector is different from the principle of direct light emission from the TV. The light from the Emotn C1 projector is projected onto the wall or screen and diffusely reflected back into the eyes, reducing eye irritation. Compared with TV, it protects eyes and eyesight, especially for children, it is more safe and user-friendly.

Protect privacy, ensure security

Emotn C1 is a multimedia projector of the Linux system, there is no need to log into an account and it will not collect any personal information. Emotn C1 protects the privacy of every user and provides more security for the company.

From design to price, the Emotn C1 projector is aimed at the younger generation. Its design is young and the color scheme is trendy. At the same time, the price is only $ 179, which is very beneficial for many young users. Of course, its image quality is much higher than that of a competitor’s projector at the same price. Currently, the Emotn C1 projector is for sale on the Emotn website, visit for more information:www.emotn.com

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