Defense damaged by media agency’s evidence and petition

Combo shows the logos of PTV Sports and ARY Sports.

LAHORE: Documents have revealed that the state broadcaster assured the sports management company in writing that to acquire the broadcast rights from PSL, it would form a joint venture with a private party and be selected through a process transparent bidding process giving everyone an equal chance. .

These documents were submitted by the company to the court along with its motion for writ challenging ARY’s consortium with the state broadcaster to acquire the broadcast rights to PSL VII and PSL VIII.

The documents also mentioned that the state broadcaster was awaiting instructions from the Minister of Information in this regard. The sports management company claimed that within days of receiving the said communication from PTV management, it learned through media reports that PTV had secretly formed a joint venture with ARY through private arrangements.

The petitioning company also claimed that this unlawful act was done solely to compel and financially benefit ARY. It’s worth mentioning that the state broadcaster’s venture with private company ARY only became public knowledge when the winners of the PSL VII and PSL VIII broadcast rights were announced.

Meanwhile, Geo News reported that there were emails and communications from Nauman Niaz, who is director of sports and syndication for state broadcasters, with the beleaguered company discussing various options to form a joint venture. in order to obtain the rights to broadcast the Pakistan Super League.

The communications were made in mid-December 2021. It was reported that Dr. Nauman Niaz was discussing the possibilities of a joint venture with different parties to purchase the PSL broadcast rights dismisses the claim that the company with ARY to acquire the PSL rights was formed. following the EOI publicity in August.

The question arises if the state broadcaster’s venture with ARY for the PSL broadcast rights was formed, as reported, following the EOI advertisement released in August, then why would Dr Niaz discuss options for the same purpose with other companies in December.


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