CYTTA CORP Launches Fully Integrated Media Connectivity Platform and IGAN’s SAAS-Based Version 2.0


LAS VEGAS, NV, July 14, 2022 / Cytta Corp (OTCQB: CYCA, the “Company”) today announced the release of the next generation of its Incident Global Area Network (IGAN) control system. IGAN 2.0 is a revolutionary redevelopment and has now transitioned IGAN to a fully proprietary, fully integrated multimedia connectivity platform. The new IGAN 2.0 platform incorporates several fully integrated features, including an “advanced interactive mapping” feature. The new features of IGAN 2.0 enable the continuous collection and dissemination of actionable intelligence and are not available from comparable technology.

Version 2.0 of IGAN follows over a year of live beta testing, development, and interaction across multiple police incident deployments. It is now in use, alongside first responders nationwide, including the Dallas Police Department, Chino Police Department, and North Texas Public Safety Unmanned Response Team (NTXPSURT ), among others.

An example of new IGAN 2.0 deployment capabilities would include law enforcement tracking a suspect, building a map of every location visited, and incorporating any related media collected from surveillance cameras, drones, and other devices. This takes the platform from a simple incident response system to a real-time intelligence gathering and integration tool.

IGAN 2.0 achieves the highest level of security available, is fully proprietary, and is an easy-to-deploy, SaaS-based advanced Incident Command System (ICS). Our platform offers integrated real-time communications, multimedia input and multi-party interaction through all connectivity devices. When equipped with IGAN, first responders can now receive real-time, high-definition audio and video during any incident, along with other relevant actionable intelligence on an ongoing basis.

“IGAN Version 2.0 is the result of our extensive beta testing and has been completely redeveloped with hands-on input from first responders to meet and exceed the needs of every first responder operating in the United States,” said Gary Campbell, CEO of Cytta Corp. . “Our goal was to design an incident command system that not only can be used by any operation, but also provides additional actionable intelligence on an ongoing basis, regardless of department size or budget. new IGAN 2.0 platform will initially be released to all of our old customers and additional functionality will be introduced on an ongoing basis through newly developed support modules.We will integrate the IGAN 2.0 delivery into our ERP and website for wider access to sales in the coming weeks.

To date, IGAN has been successfully used in multiple life or death scenarios including hostage taking, search and rescue, crime in progress, fugitive arrest, building raids and residences and arrests based on warrants.

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Cytta Corp (OTCQB: CYCA) develops and distributes proprietary software technology designed to change the way video/audio data is integrated, delivered, consumed, transferred and stored. Cytta’s proprietary IGAN 2.0 Incident Command System (ICS) integrates, in real-time, all video and audio streams available in an emergency, enabling enhanced virtual policing, while delivering relevant actionable information on an ongoing basis. The IGAN 2.0 ICS introduces real-time video and audio situational awareness, while simultaneously serving as a real-time intelligence gathering and integration tool. The IGAN 2.0 is a useful, valuable and irreplaceable tool for police, firefighters, first responders, emergency medical workers, industry, environment and emergencies, security, military and their centers of command in an emergency.

Cytta’s proprietary SUPR ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) system provides real-time compression of video streams for surface, airborne, and subsea ISR applications, including environments where video streams are transmitted beyond of the line of sight. By using a SUPR-enabled encoder on board an unmanned system, video can be safely streamed in high definition via extremely low bandwidth with ultra-low latency. Our exclusive Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) technology is built around SUPR, a powerful software codec, which is the technology at the heart of our real-time video compression products. SUPR is explicitly designed to deliver HD, 4K and higher resolution video in limited bandwidth environments while reducing required technical resources.

Cytta has created video/audio integration software with intelligence gathering capability, advanced video compression, and wearable/SaaS hardware/software systems that solve real-world problems in major markets. Cytta wants its products to enable and enable the world to consume higher quality video/audio/information anywhere and anytime. Cytta’s ultimate goal is to create/deliver a real-time high quality video/audio/information platform, which is not easily discernible from reality, creating a virtual “delivered reality”.

For more information, please visit and the Cytta video channel on YouTube to view Cytta’s vision, products, competitive advantages, market, new product usage and markets.


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