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Director of the film Acharya: Koratala Shiva
The cast of the movie Acharya: Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan
Ranking of Acharya movies: 1 star

Acharya, starring Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi, is set in the fictional temple city of Dharmasthala. The place of justice quickly turns into a den of vices. The mob, funded by evil and greedy corporate bosses, has taken over the city and turned it into a land of no law.

It’s like a Wild West there. Cops, government, and politicians are all in cohorts, which has resulted in widespread exploitation of honest, hard-working people. True believers wonder about the god’s inaction: “Where are you? Why are you a silent spectator of all injustices?

The townspeople grew up hearing a legend of how the goddess herself descended to the earth to protect the sanctity of Dharmasthala when she was attacked. So even in the present day, the people of the city look to the sky in anticipation of divine intervention when they are in trouble.

Enter, Acharya (Chiranjeevi). He is first seen standing on top of a mountain. And then he descends as a god from local mythical stories. He’s here to do the god’s job of ending the Reign of Terror and restoring the city to its former glory.

Acharya is a Naxal leader and a die-hard communist. But, at the end of all this, he becomes the incarnation of the god himself in the eyes of the people. Director Koratala Siva operates this film on a simple logic, leaving no room for ambiguity. He shows us the conflict through the prism of black and white without any nuances.

Acharya is a classic tale of good versus evil. And the story unfolds along excruciatingly predictable lines. The storytelling works like clockwork. A movie buff would be able to predict the progression of the story from beginning to end without much mental effort. There isn’t even a single element of surprise in the movie as you can see all the twists and turns from a mile away.

Koratala Siva relies heavily on the visual element that gives this film mythological weight to keep audiences hooked. The writing is so poor that even the massive stardom of Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan feels insufficient to lift this film. It’s a siesta party.

The city is drenched in red where vermilion is indistinguishable from blood, wicked men dress like sages, and the shameless use of trishuls and spears, the god’s favorite tools of war, to slaughter the bad guys adds little value to our experience.


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