Building in downtown Tshwane to get an upgrade


Residential and commercial property management company City Property Administration says the upgrade to retailer Shoprite’s building in Tshwane’s central business district signals renewed confidence in Gauteng’s town centres.

Following City Property’s development of One on Mutual and Sharon’s Place, and the creation of the 012Central arts, culture and entertainment district, the company says the announcement of the Shoprite building upgrade project will enhance the urban fabric of the city.

“Our new project bucks the trend of Tshwane being a grey, governmental town. In fact, it underscores the vibrant young face of the capital that thrives with its residents,” City Property MD Jeffrey Wapnick said.

The cost of the project will be around R60 million and will include a refurbished and redesigned Shoprite store.

The first phase of the upgrade will include a new Shoprite Liquor store, as well as new retail stores. The biggest visual element will be the three-volume entrance with escalator access from Helen Joseph Street. The project will also include renovations to the Helen Joseph Street facade, with new modern storefronts.

Pedestrian access from Madiba Street to the rear entrance will be improved to provide a landscaped walkway for access to the Shoprite store. Storefronts will flow from the Adidas store on the corner of Lilian Ngoyi and Helen Joseph streets and will continue to trade during the upgrade.

Part of the phase one renovation is to prepare space for additional retailers, which will be part of the second phase of the development. The second phase will accommodate retail tenants on the first floor and the rest of the basement.

Completion of the last capital building upgrade is scheduled for mid-December.

“We have always prided ourselves on creating spaces that will allow our tenants to thrive [and to] to add value to the area around them,” says Wapnick.

“The Shoprite management team has been . . . very accommodating and now that the pandemic is behind us, we are delighted to announce news of the project,” he adds.

Shoprite will continue to trade for the duration of the upgrade. Although there will be some inconvenience, City Property says there will be no disruption for nearby residential tenants or people working in the city center who will still be able to do their daily shopping there.


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