BidSwitch Launches Native Advertising Features At Mobile Media Summit During Internet Week


“The expansion to Native is a perfect illustration of the value of BidSwitch. As suppliers and buyers invest more in areas such as Native, BidSwitch allows us to bring their innovations to market faster ”, David Shapiro, VP Corporate & Business Development, DataXu

BidSwitch is a one-to-many connection point that enables more than 150 demand-side platforms (DSPs) and supply-side platforms (SSPs) to facilitate global and programmatic media commerce across mobile, video, desktop to desktop and now native. With the latest update to the BidSwitch 4.0 API, any of the more than 100 DSP buyers on the BidSwitch platform will be able to seamlessly access the largest consolidated source of native supply on the planet.

Currently, this update allows instant access to multiple native providers, such as AdsNative, PubMatic, TripleLift, and Unruly, with new sources added every week. The API 4.0 update is available for buyers of native advertising on mobile and desktop. “The expansion to Native is a perfect illustration of the value of BidSwitch. As suppliers and buyers invest more in areas such as Native, BidSwitch allows us to get their innovations to market faster, ”David Shapiro, VP Corporate & Business Development, DataXu.

By standardizing the OpenRTB standard, BidSwitch makes it easy to update multiple RTB connections one at a time. The BidSwitch solution maps the new native specification of each of its vendors into a single protocol so that BidSwitch’s demand partners can access all new supply inventory with a single update.

BidSwitch technology offers considerable efficiency and time savings for DSPs and SSPs by dramatically reducing the time, labor and infrastructure costs associated with typical direct partner-to-partner integrations.

“Updating connections has a significant opportunity cost for the RTB industry and this frankly slows down growth and innovation. Says Bob Walczak, CEO of BidSwitch. “By increasing the efficiency of connection maintenance, innovations like Native will hit the market faster and free up valuable engineering resources to focus on creating other cutting-edge technologies. ”

About BidSwitch

BidSwitch is redefining the industry with a new approach to platform integrations. Designed by IPONWEB, BidSwitch helps advertising technology and programmatic media companies overcome the growing complexity of the market. We offer our partners an efficient and transparent way to manage access to supply and demand on a global scale. Unlike an exchange, BidSwitch operates as a single, neutral point of access; intelligently route and filter the auction flow to ensure optimized, non-fraudulent access for buyers and sellers.

Today, BidSwitch enables more than 150 supply and demand technology partners around the world to connect and exchange media across display, mobile, video, and native ecosystems, all through a single integration. standardized.

About DataXu

DataXu is a petabyte-scale marketing cloud that empowers marketers to better understand and engage their customers. Powered by Active Analytics â„¢, our patented approach to programmatic marketing, DataXu Marketing Cloud is a suite of applications that transform big data into better customer experiences – at the speed of life. Our software helps marketers focus their marketing investments and achieve optimal results across all available media formats, devices, channels and purchasing methods. With fourteen offices in ten countries, DataXu is fueling the digital transformation of the world’s most valuable brands. Visit for more information.

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