Art & the Sea – Melco’s tribute to the sea awakened the public through a multimedia ex-travagance and much more


Thousands of spectators visited the latest unseen exhibition “海洋 LA MER” (in French for “the sea”) which delivered a multimedia feast with a cause. The art exhibition wrapped up last month at City of Dreams’ iconic Dancing Water Theater and was part of the “Art Macao: Macao International Art Biennale 2021” initiative. It also included a journey through the senses, with a limited edition tea set and creative molecular cocktails.

Creating a multimedia extravaganza is right in the company’s DNA, something Frederic Winckler, Executive Vice President, Creative and Branding Director of Melco Resorts & Entertainment, reiterates, stating that “Melco always pushes the boundaries. , architecture, entertainment shows, online initiatives, to name a few. It is something that we love, embrace and are obsessed with. He even goes on to promise that “there will be more to come.” However, what made “海洋 THE SEA” special was its twist. The exhibition aimed to generate interest in improving the environment as well as the cause of sustainability.

Caption: Frederic Winckler, Executive Vice President, Creative and Branding Director of Melco Resorts & Entertainment

The sea is a theme close to the city as Winckler reminds us, being a peninsula, Macao is surrounded by water and its preservation is the key. But there was also another major element in “海洋 THE SEA”, “We would like to add an angle of sustainability, pollution, plastic, these are problems everywhere. Draw attention to the protection of the ocean by highlighting its beauty and fragility, ”he adds.

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Of the world, with love

The exhibit itself featured everything from art installations to a themed film festival as well as activities ranging from underwater photography sessions to Flow Body Mindfulness sessions!

Frenchman Ange Leccia, who started as a director of photography and initiated his artistic research as an artist in residence at the French Academy in Rome, highlighted the immense power of the ocean. In her video, Leccia proved how the waves are a powerful force of nature, a testament to the endless rhythm of the sea.

Legend: Ange Leccia _ THE SEA

Sound is perhaps a sense that best connects us to the ocean. Of all the sensory experiences, that of the symphony of waves, of marine animals, of the way the wind touches the water, is the most immersive. Thomas Roussel has succeeded in capturing this essence in an innovative work. The French conductor composed and recorded a score with an orchestra, and the musical segments from which interact with the live sounds of the Pacific Ocean through the use of artificial intelligence, the combination is then remastered in a continuous symphony. To give this work a visual dimension, a collective of artists have teamed up to create visual illustrations from digital recordings of 35,000 marine species moving around the planet.

Legend: Thomas Roussel_W / AV / E

From Japan, Makoto Azuma, a talented floral artist, joined a Japanese research team as they explored the seabed and sent a bouquet of flowers 1000M deep, a unique journey documented in video and 10 photos.

Legend: Makoto Azuma_ SEPHIROTHIC FLOWER

The already well-known artist Franco Dragone, the mastermind behind the Dancing water house– once again explored playful entertainment with a great baroque theater experience: a dramatic machine choreography Dancing Water Theater without performers! His creation was presented to the public as an official exhibition launch performance, promoting the importance of protecting the oceans to an even wider audience.

Legend: Franco Dragone_ OCÉANS

The importance of cinema

On the other hand, the film festival “THE SEA”, organized for each member of the family. Disney classics such as The little Mermaid and 20000 Leagues Under the Sea, to unique documentaries like In pursuit of the coral, In which a team of divers, photographers and scientists embark on a thrilling ocean adventure to uncover the underwater mystery, the series aimed to raise awareness about protecting and saving the oceans through the prism of art. Artists from different fields such as contemporary art, dance, music, cinema, literature shared their unique point of view in order to showcase the unique creative power of the oceans. The festival allowed the audience to see favorite movies and the latest movies on the big screen from a whole new perspective, by reclining on the inflatable sofas provided on the stage of the Dancing Water Theater!

As Winckler reminds us, “Sustainability is something you want to start early on, it’s all about education, training and showing people how they can see things pollution-free and how the earth can become. He added that “when we created the LA MER Film Festival with ocean-themed videos created every Saturday night, it was a mix of cartoons showcasing the beauty of the ocean and documentaries reflecting the reality of what happens to such a vital life. Resource”.

Learn with the ocean

Being alive is constantly experimenting and learning new skills. This is why such a holistic event could not have been complete without a series of Mindful Body Flows lessons inspired by the sea. Led by the Performer Wellness manager of The House of Dancing Water, the lessons included music composed by Thomas Roussel. This guided session was a unique opportunity to unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and allow participants to clear their minds and focus on their health and well-being.

A feast for the senses

A cultural experience could not have been complete without a journey of flavors and tastes! That’s why the talented team at Melco put together an amazing sea trip. It was a great opportunity for some of those awesome Instagrammable snapshots of the The sea Afternoon Tea Set specially designed by the Morpheus Lounge pastry team. Not only do the sandwiches and snacks in this ocean-themed tea set beautifully mimic the elements of the sea, some items are also made from sustainable seafood, ensuring the company’s promise of protect the ocean. The tea set has been so popular that it will be on the menu for a bit longer until the end of this month.

Caption: La Mer afternoon tea set at the Morpheus Lounge

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