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App advertising specialist Apex Mobile Media is helping advertisers connect with even more gamers through a partnership with Israel-based tech company Sayollo.

Sayollo specializes in converting in-game real estate into advertising space – for example, it allows brands to take over the background screen with creatives, rather than relegating them to a banner at the bottom. of the screen. Now, through this partnership, Apex will be able to connect Canadian brands to more in-game advertising opportunities.

Walder Amaya, CEO and co-founder of Apex, says this isn’t his company’s first rodeo when it comes to gaming – in fact, he says, when Apex first launched, one Gaming was one of its most important pillars. Although it has since grown, he says the company has tried over the years to differentiate itself by connecting brands with high-end gaming opportunities. For example, it exclusively represents the inventory for The sims creator EA Games on its app and console games. He is also the exclusive representative of the inventory of angry Birds parent company. Rovio Entertainment.

Amaya says the partnership with Sayollo will help increase in-game ad buying, comparing in-game real estate acquisitions to a digital billboard. “We’re looking at the numbers, and everything shows that we are spending more and more time gaming on mobile devices,” he says of the new partnership’s timeline. “This is the future of in-app gaming. “

Additionally, according to Amaya, with most gaming applications, login information can provide advertisers with information about individuals, such as age, gender, and general location. Some games are aimed more at women and older audiences, and there are plenty of casual mobile gamers in their 30s, Amaya says. With EA in particular, he adds that his portfolio of games is evenly split between men and women.

The push to evolve the in-game advertising experience goes hand in hand with the increasing caliber and expectations of advertisers in the space. Only a few years ago, games mostly featured ads for other games, but there has been an increase in ads from tech companies like Google, financial companies like TD, as well as QSR, retailers and more. ‘other brands outside of the game.

Chris Lombardi, president and co-founder of Apex, says that in-game ads tend to be viewed as very intrusive “because they interrupt you or take too long”, and adds that the company saw this as an opportunity to create something that blends better for users and benefits brands.

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