APEX Mobile Media Launches Altitude Platform


An all-new creative management platform and APEX’s first IP in cloud technology

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November 1, 2022

TORONTO, November 1, 2022 (Newswire.com) –
APEX Mobile Media, a leader in in-app mobile advertising, has officially launched its new creative management platform solution called The Altitude Platform. The launch helps APEX Mobile Media further position itself as an industry leader that continually helps shape the future of the media industry in Canada. The launch also means the creation of APEX’s own technology division which will focus entirely on enabling marketers, agencies and publishers to regain control of the ad creation process through the platform’s capability. -Altitude platform to create, deliver and measure all creative campaigns on a unified platform. .

This new all-in-one, cloud-based creative management platform is designed to empower users to do more with easy-to-navigate design and collaboration tools, while being able to measure performance through a visual reporting dashboard.

“On December 31, 2021, we were able to complete the acquisition of the first version of the platform from Coastal Digital. This acquisition was part of our strategic growth plan and the main objective of the Altitude platform is to deliver a solution that will easily empower users to create and track all creatives, campaigns and reports in a unified interface.” – Walder Amaya, CEO/Co-Founder, APEX Mobile Media & The Altitude Platform.

“We know first-hand on the APEX Mobile Media and APEX Gaming Network side of the business how time-consuming it can be to work with multiple partners, platforms and teams for creative builds and reporting, which is why the Altitude platform was designed to simplify the process of creative building and reporting for all users.The goal and purpose of the Altitude platform is to help users focus more on performance, innovation and drive a higher return on ad spend for every campaign they launch.” – Chris Lombardi, President/Co-Founder, APEX Mobile Media & The Altitude Platform.

APEX Mobile Media, the Altitude platform

Walder Amaya, CEO and co-founder

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About the Altitude Platform

The Altitude Platform is a creative management platform that allows users to manage all of their advertising creatives and productions. This includes ad serving and reporting on a single, robust platform. Built from the ground up by a team of experienced ad creation and management professionals, the Altitude platform provides a streamlined, holistic workflow that starts from concept to end-of-campaign reporting and is designed for specialists. marketing, brands, agencies and publishers from all walks of life.


About APEX Mobile Media

APEX Mobile Media is a leading mobile marketing solutions company that offers unparalleled end-to-end digital advertising services to brands and agencies in Canada and specializes in providing brands with a premium and seamless mobile advertising experience.


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