An Inktober Q&A with Emily Bowen Moore, Teaching Assistant Professor of Media Design


It’s Inktober for Emily Bowen-Moore, assistant professor of media design education. We asked her a few questions about her journey as an artist, designer and illustrator.

Bowen-Moore joined the faculty in the spring of 2015. She received a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and journalism from Ole Miss in 1997, and after several years of teaching, she earned a master’s degree in illustration.

She has been a freelance illustrator and designer for 20 years and her work has appeared in a variety of print media including music CDs, children’s books and large print murals.

In 2004 and 2006, she received Earthwatch Institute SA Rosenbaum Fellowships through the Phil Hardin Foundation. In recent years she has illustrated, designed and published her own children’s books.

Q: Tell me a bit about your drawing background. When did you start? Why did you become interested in drawing? What has been your journey as an artist and teacher?

A. My drawing journey started very young. I’ve been scribbling since I remember holding a pencil in my hand. I knew drawing and design was a long-term goal, because I knew I not only had a passion for it, but also talent.

In undergrad, I got a little discouraged because there wasn’t as much support for designers living in a small town. There always seemed to be a disconnect with making art a career path. However, later in my college career, I started doing commissioned work, painting murals, and designing other things like album covers, and developed a drive to live a life of artist.

After deciding to live in Oxford permanently, an artist position opened up at Oxford Middle School. I had a good friend at the time, who was also teaching, and she was a great inspiration to me. I decided to take the job and since then I have been drawing and teaching art and design.

Q. Why did you decide to start doing your Inktober drawing series? Can you describe some of them and the thought process behind them.

A. After teaching for several years, I decided to get my MFA in illustration. This led me to my position as an instructor at the university. I started using my graphic design expertise more and found that I was doing less traditional/freehand illustration and design as a general practice.

When I discovered Inktober on Instagram, I thought it would be a great way to continue drawing and illustrating. Even though I use digital media (my iPencil and iPad with Procreate, a drawing app), it allows me to practice my drawing and illustration skills, but in a more efficient way.

Along with the individual drawings themselves, I take the word prompts for each day and brainstorm a drawing/illustration concept. I gather all the visual resources I need to reference for my design concept, then I draw. Ideas don’t always come easily, but that’s normal when you draw every day.

After my first year of participating in Inktober, I received several requests for prints. After that, I decided to design artwork that could also be reproduced easily and started my own print shop at This made it easy for people to access my artwork and choose the medium and size they wanted with a particular artwork. My store also offers framing options. This site has been an efficient way to provide those choices while cutting out the extra work of printing them myself at a higher cost.

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