3DCeram unveils its new C1000 FLEXMATIC 3D printer


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At the recent Ceramtec show in Munich, the French company 3DCeram unveiled the new C1000 FLEXMATIC, an SLA ceramic 3D printer designed to meet the industrial challenges of large-scale production. The machine integrates the SMART Ceramic Factory, 3DCeram’s factory of the future, and has all the assets to print ceramic parts on a semi-automated line.

The machine leverages 3DCeram’s 15 years of experience and the existing line of printers, the C900 FLEX, C100 EASY and C3600 ULTIMATE, to identify optimization drivers to ensure automation throughout. of the process: from scraping to lasering strategies, through the quality of ready-to-print ceramic formulations, to recycling and post-processing

The C1000 FLEXMATIC is in fact the sum of the know-how of the 3DCeram teams with the objective of simplifying use by taking into account the imperatives of industrial production. Stereolithography technology provides the flexibility needed for all printing strategies (including speed and accuracy). Its build platform meets the need for versatility, from large parts to small runs, all at high print speed. The new removable tank allows semi-automated post-processing of printed parts, and therefore continuous production for large series.

Since 2015, 3DCeram has evolved its market position from parts manufacturer to process supplier through technology transfer. In 2019, the company is expanding the range of possibilities with the C3600 ULTIMATE: a 100% industrial machine with a 600*600*300 mm manufacturing platform. This machine made it possible to print very large parts, but also very large series of small parts. All this while maintaining the precision and finesse of the details on the parts. The C3600 ULTIMATE has responded to the commercial challenges of companies such as Alumina Systems, allowing them to make profitable projects that until then had been relegated to the closet for lack of suitable tools. Now, the C1000 FLEXMATIC takes these capabilities even further.

3DCeram unveils its new C1000 FLEXMATIC 3D printer targeting large-scale industrial ceramic 3D printing production


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