10 Best Doctor Strange Costumes From Marvel Comics


The trailers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness revealed at least a few different variations of the Sorcerer Supreme, and some of them appear to be wearing outfits based on Doctor Strange’s best costumes in Marvel Comics. The most distinctive is the Defender Strange variant, which wears a costume straight out of the character’s comics from the early 2010s with the New Defenders.

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Strange’s best looks in the comics take his classic design, established by legendary artist Steve Ditko in the 1960s, and take it to new extremes. They sometimes flip the idea or add small details that contribute to a new interpretation. Some of the best costumes might show up in the next movie or even beyond, as the multiverse is almost certain to continue into the MCU’s future.


the original

Origin of Doctor Strange's Blue Cloak

The original Doctor Strange costume establishes most of the iconic elements of the character’s look, making it one of his best. There are, however, some key differences, particularly in the realization of the Eye of Agamotto.

The costume was designed by Ditko, one of the best Spider-Man artists of all time, and establishes most of the signature elements. Another major difference is in the color of the cape, which was initially blue instead of the classic red.


MC2 Doctor Strange fights with Hulk and Namor in Marvel Comics.

The MC2 version of Doctor Strange features an ancient Sorcerer Supreme whose attire features aspects of medieval Arthurian motifs. He is defined by the cap, which is particular to this version of the character.

The skullcap features an Eye of Agamotto icon which echoes the concept of the Third Eye Strange sometimes manifesting through magic. The cape is also blue, a return to the original version of strange tales #110, the character’s first appearance.

strange crotor

Crector Strange stands among other Spider-Ham heroes

Croctor Strange is one of the weirdest versions of Doctor Strange in Marvel Comics, but his costume is one of the best due to its inspired simplicity. Although this iteration of Strange is a crocodile, his cape uses a tiger stripe theme which is spot on.

Although the costume is otherwise the same as the original Earth-616 version, it is also notable for its extremely exaggerated cowl. Most versions of the Sorcerer Supreme have a large one, but Crector Strange’s version is for the ages.


Doctor Strange appears in Marvel Comics' Venomverse.

The Venomverse Doctor Strange is one of the most radically different versions of the character, using a black and white color scheme to create an instantly memorable and unnerving costume. His cowl is now a spiked element covering his shoulders that echoes his claw-like fingers.

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This Earth-22249 Doctor Strange is related to the alien symbiote that gave birth to Venom. The costume translates the Eye of Agamotto from a mystical gem to a spooky eye at the center of the Sorcerer Supreme’s chest.

Dr Strangefate

Dr. Strangefate uses his powers in Amalgam Comics.

Dr. Strangefate is a unique fusion of several famous comic book characters, blending elements from each to create one of the best Doctor Strange costumes. Dr. Strangefate combines Strange’s cape and Dr. Fate’s helmet from DC Comics.

This costume, a product of the Amalgam Comics crossover between Marvel and DC in the 90s, creates a distinctive silhouette that feels natural for either superhero universe. It also has echoes of Moon Knight’s best costumes from the comics.

modern armor

Doctor Strange Comic Art Nouveau Costume

In 2018, Doctor Strange got a new armored costume in the comics. The simple yet practical outfit made for one of the best by protecting the Sorcerer Supreme in black and white body armor that retained some aspects of the original.

The suit feels like it would fit into the MCU, and a version of it may eventually appear as Doctor Strange encounters increasingly dangerous enemies who may be immune to magic – or may be more powerful than him.

son of midnight

The Midnight Sons head into battle in Marvel Comics.

Comic book fans know that the Midnight Sons are a major supernatural superteam that includes Doctor Strange. During his time with the team in the 1990s, he wore a dark blue and black costume which succeeded in the way it pushed the true weirdness of the character.

Wearing a mask somewhat reminiscent of the Rorschach of watchmen With giant spikes sticking out of his arms, this magically created avatar of Doctor Strange is one of the most extravagant in terms of looks but is certainly one of the most memorable.

New Defenders

Defender Strange uses his powers in Marvel Comics.

A costume from the upcoming film is directly based on a look from Doctor Strange from the early 2010s. When he joined the New Defenders, he donned an iconic black and red costume that highlighted his classic chest emblem compared to other traditional elements.

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The visual simplicity of the costume makes it one of the best in comics, which is why it’s likely the MCU decided to use it for the variant of the character that was identified in merchandise as Defender Strange.

the necromancer

The necromancer Doctor Strange attacks in Marvel Comics.

The Necromancer is a Doctor Strange variant of Counter-Earth, and his costume is essentially the same as the Earth-616 Sorcerer Supreme…with one major exception. His blue mask creates an unsettling profile that tilts the design into unnatural.

This version of the character also has blue gloves, a contrast to the usual orange or red gloves worn by Doctor Strange. His look could inform some of the movie variants, as his backstory is very similar to the Doctor Strange variant of What if..?

classic disguise

Doctor Strange confronts Mephisto in Marvel Comics.

The classic Doctor Strange look has remained more or less unchanged since the late 1960s, and its enduring iconography makes it the best version of the costume in the comics. Although the costume has many color and design elements, they all combine into a satisfying whole.

The exaggerated red cape is instantly recognizable, as is the simple red and blue color contrast in the costume. Yellow and orange embellishments on the cape and in the gloves make the character a vivid and vibrant focus in any panel or shot he finds himself in.

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