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People know and love extraterrestrial beings. If they didn’t, there wouldn’t be such a vast library of alien-related media to mine. Films that revolve around alien invasions or friendlier alien visitations are often praised for their innovative and imaginative storytelling. There are no limits to an abstract concept that allows an audience’s imagination to run wild.

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Movie aliens have been around for years, and fans love sci-fi movies for their visuals, concepts, and themes. Whether the film focuses on one character abduction or humans on a comedic adventure, there are several beloved alien films available.

ten The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is an extremely dark piece of sci-fi humor

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a wacky end-of-the-world black comedy where humans are inferior to extraterrestrial beings. When Arthur Dent goes to a pub with his friend, Ford Prefect, Ford tells Arthur that he is not human and that a species of aliens called Vogons will destroy the earth.

The two friends leave the planet and board a ship stolen by a strange crew of individuals. The crew ventures into the cosmos, searching for the meaning of life and encounters various extraterrestrial encounters. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a fun and humorous story from start to finish.

9 Avatar wowed fans with stunning visuals on the big screen

With Avatar, James Cameron’s daunting task of bringing nine-foot blue aliens to the screen has come to fruition. The film was criticized for its obvious characterization, but the film received worldwide acclaim and no one can deny the impressive visuals. Avatar also held the position of highest-grossing film of all time until Avengers: Endgame surpassed it in 2019.

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Jake Sully’s trek through Pandora’s glowing jungle was just the start of several jaw-dropping visuals from the film. The motion capture technology used on the actors provided the CG aliens with expressions that had never been seen before.

8 Signs is a Shyamalan story of crop circles and terrifying viral videos

M.Night Shyamalan’s Panels has always met with mixed reviews, but the simplicity of an alien invasion on Earth remains its most notable aspect. When the Hess family discovers crop circles in their cornfield, they initially reject them. Soon, however, the signs begin to appear all over the world.

Graham Hess and his brother, Merrill, attempt to catch a glimpse of the being stalking their home, but their attempts prove unsuccessful. When Merrill, played by Joaquin Phoenix, views footage online, it results in one of the most chilling alien scenes in a sci-fi movie.

seven ET is a family-friendly alien classic

Steven Spielberg tells the story of the family in crisis well. In his beloved 1982 film, HEYElliot and his family unwittingly encounter a friendly alien they call ET After the siblings take ET in, they attempt to maintain his cover while trying to help him find his way home.

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When government officials discover ET, they step in and try to study the little alien. The sci-fi flick is a heartwarming nostalgic feature that will leave a lasting impression on any member of the audience. HEY won numerous awards and was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry for being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.

6 Men In Black Is A Comedy Alien Movie With A Solid Storyline

The Oscar Winner men in black is a comedy science fiction film. The film follows two agents who work for a secret organization that keeps alien beings on Earth under control. men in black plays on common UFO conspiracy theories that say the Men in Black are real people monitoring the existence of intergalactic aliens and erasing the memories of witnesses.

In the film, agents K and J must investigate a case involving a murderous alien and arrest him before he causes more mayhem. men in black successfully balances the darker elements of extraterrestrial beings and the unknown with humor.

5 Galaxy Quest is a silly but heartfelt love letter to sci-fi movies

Galactic Quest is a blatant parody of science fiction films, especially star trekand fandom culture, but it’s also a love letter to those films. Galactic Quest follows a former cast from a fictional TV series who attend a convention. The actors initially seem frustrated and resentful of their current status as former stars.

After an episode of the in-universe TV series is received by an existing alien species, the aliens believe the cast to be real space crew. Galactic Quest ends with the cast sharing their appreciation for their work, their lives, and their fans. The alien movie lovingly pays homage to the sci-fi genre and its fans.

4 Annihilation focuses on the effects of alien visitations

Annihilation features an all-female team of experts entering “The Shimmer”, an area exposed to alien fallout from a meteorite landing. The group goes through various trials to locate missing people and investigate what is happening in the area. From disorientation to mutated animals, The Shimmer causes the group to lose their grip on reality and their lives.

Only one member of the crew survives, Lena, but she is transferred. The film is a suspenseful journey of disturbing and terrifying questions and visuals that are sure to keep fans interested.

3 The Fifth Element is a cosmic journey through the future

In The fifth ElementBruce Willis portrays a hero named Korben who saves Earth in a futuristic New York by expressing his love for an ancient being. The fifth Element contains an eclectic cast of characters, from weird aliens to celestial beings to godliness.

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The film is full of interesting themes, but the idea that Leeloo is the fifth element, life itself, and can defeat the dark force of evil is a meaningful concept. The fifth Element the plot is slightly hokey, but its stylistic take on the story, from production design to characters, makes the film worth watching.

2 Alien has sprouted a franchise of terrifying creatures

Extraterrestrial and its franchise are highly regarded as one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time, and it deserves such esteem. The sci-fi horror film introduced audiences to terrifying aliens that shocked viewers and cast alike.

Aboard Nostromo, Ellen Ripley and her crew wake up early to investigate a distress call on the moon. However, when they do, they are attacked and driven off by the hostile species that live there. Extraterrestrial follows the usual horror formula, only deviating when the film focuses on the gruesome Xenomorphs. Nonetheless, the film is a must-watch for its incredible visual effects, for which it won the Oscar.

1 Nope considers the idea that UAPs are more than a spacecraft

Jordan Peele Nope was the director’s highly anticipated alien movie, and many fans had speculated that the title was an acronym for “Not From Planet Earth.” Despite the correct fan assumptions, Nope subverted their expectations. The story raised the possibility that UFOs (now commonly referred to as UAPs) were not just alien spacecraft, but aliens themselves.

Nope focuses on the brother and sister duo, OJ and Em, their hilarious dynamic and their confrontations with the horrible creature. Nope successfully shows how the alien affects people and animals, highlights the theme of exploitation and creates suspense.

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